Hey there guys! I knew I had went ghost for almost a few months to a year now and I'm pretty sure you guys forgot about me .

I knew I was supposed to keep updating my storiea and my dream stuff but things didn't seem to work out that way. O found myself procrastinating again and not doing what I said I would and for that I'm very sorry.

I had a few relapses these past couple of months so I felt like a hypocrite if I kept updating about my dream and stuff which also fell through. So I wanted to apologize for not keeping my word.

For that reason I'm officially deleting my vingle accout for the time being.
Knowing me I might come back as someone you don't know but for now I'm officially leaving.

Thank you guys for all your support and I hope to see you guys again some day.
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if you wanna talk you still have my kakao
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@SashaKmseoul yea I'm cool with that. my ig is the same name for here
@SashaKmseoul Awww No:(
I hope you come back, but I understand
Thank you so much
I understand, sad to see you go though. If you ever want to talk , Im here
Come back soon.鉂わ笍