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Ok so I'm cutting it close with posting this white day story but I hope you enjoy it....of course here comes the warnings.....

I had been avoiding him for the last few weeks. Why you ask? Simple I confessed to my best friend that I liked him. And had for a while. I had finally built up enough courage to tell him on Valentines day and now everytime I see him I hide. I didn't want his answer anymore. I just wanted to move and never see him again. I used to always walk by his place but now i go a different way. When I got home there was a box. I opened it. Inside was a teddy bear. I squeezed it. "(y/n) please stop avoiding me. I need to talk to you. Please Meet me at our hideout tonight at 8" "I know your answer." I said looking at the bear. I wanted to cry. I destroyed a 6 year friendship over my stupidity. Well might as well look good for the last time I'm going to see him. I went inside and did several things before getting ready. Yes I had an inner battle with myself over what to do and say. Finally I was ready. I had my black short skirt with my gym shoes and a v cut red shirt. I put my jacket on and walked out the door. It was March but it was warm. I walked the short distance and sat down in the ground. This spot was perfect for looking at the stars. I glanced up and was in awe. "(y/n?)" I glanced back down to his voice. Butterflies were still there. "Hi" is all i said as he sat next to me. "Here." He handed me a box. "What's this?" "A answer." "Oh." I was scared to open it. "Can I ask why you're wearing a skirt today?" He looked down at my exposed legs. "I figured I should dress up for this. You know a one last time thing." "What?" "I'm not stupid Youngjae" "I never said you were, but why would this be the last time?" "I know your answer that's why." I snapped "Obviously you don't! I will show you since you don't want to open my gift." He said and pressed his lips to mine. This threw me off. He wrapped his arm around me pulling me closer to him. His lips were softer than I imagined. Maybe 2 seconds went by and we separated for air. "I'm not rejecting you." He said holding my face in one of his hands. "This can't be real." I smiled and bit my lip. "I'll show you how real it is." He lightly pushed my back so I was laying on the ground and he got on top of me. Our lips attached once again but one of his hands moved up my thigh and went under my skirt. He rubbed my clit through my panties and a moan came out into his mouth. He started rubbing faster on it and I started shaking. No way was it going to be that easy. I thought. But within a moment I had a clitoris orgasim. I was used to this kind...this was the easiest way to get off sometimes. "Now that I've got you warmed up...onto more." He said and started nipping at my neck and working his way down. He took one of his hands and pushed my shirt up so he could see my boobs. "God I've had dreams about this." He said before his lips connected to my chest. I was getting frustrated and started to work on his belt. After I got his belt undone I used my feet and pushed his pants and boxers down exposing his hard cock. He leaned back and reached into his pocket of his pants and ripped the shiny wrapper. He slipped a condom on and then swiftly moved my panties aside and slipped into me. A moan came out of me. He thrusted slowly at first then started picking up his pace. While he thrusted he moved his lips over mine as I would let my moans out not caring if anyone heard me. I could feel my climax coming on quickly. "Hold on." He slowed down his thrusting. "I don't want to cum just yet." "Then ride me." he said and rolled back onto his back pulling me with him. I gladly rode him. Rocking my hips back and forth. His moans made me want to keep going. He didn't like how slow I was going and took control again this time hitting my gspot. I tried to stop it from coming but the way he worked me I was thrown over the edge and let out a moan of pleasure. Shortly after he came pulling me close to him and moaning into my chest. When he let go of me he laid down breathing heavily. I rode him just a tiny bit to make sure he was completely empty then slipped off of him. I pulled my shirt back down and he pulled his pants back up. "So I have to ask, why did you have to condom with you. Did you know what was going to happen tonight?" I asked "No I was always told have a condom on you. You never know when you might need it."He smiled. "True." I laid my head down on his arm as he pulled me closer to cuddle. "Now are you going to open the gift I got you?" He asked shaking the box in his other hand. "Sure, although what you just did was enough of a gift for me." I grabbed for the box and he pulled it out of my reach. "Kiss first " He smiled and pushed his lips out so I'd kiss him. I giggled and did as he asked. When I opened the box I was in awe. "Why did you get me this?" I asked pulling the ring out of the box. "It's a couples ring." He said showing the one on his finger. "I love it." "Good so now everyone will know we aren't just friends anymore and no one can mess with you." I smiled. I was truly happy now.

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