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I'm completely dropping both my vingle fan fictions. Why? because i'm not happy with the writing at ALL. None of it flows the way i want it too, and the stories all started with no plots. I literally do not know how to end either Sensez, or the Yoonmin fic.

I'm sorry to those who do genuinely like the fictions, but i can't stand to read them. I will leave them up, but they'll be completely stopped.

Currently, i'm working on two other fan fictions on my tumblr that DO have completely thought out and FINISHED plots. Meaning i know how both stories are going to end, i just need to write them. Both plots are written in about... 3-10 paragraphs, all rough draft plots but ones i can genuinely follow.

If you want to follow me on that journey, feel free to follow my tumblr.

I understand if you're mad, but i cannot work with a story that i made if I don't feel like it was written to my current full potential. Thank you for those who understand, and still thank you to those who don't for at least reading this.

@JessicaEvaristo @AnnaArai I will tell you both I struggled for a while after putting out the most recent chapters of both the vingle fics. my heart was no longer in it, andi couldn't figure out why. once I started reading more fictions and gaining more ideas, I realized I didn't feel connected to them because there WAS no story. I had no story, no plan, and no plot. there was no clear direction and because of that I no longer cared. Now, these fictions I have on tumblr are so much more thought out and I'm excited for them. I hope you both will read my new ones! there, again, won't be a set schedule for them, but I'll be updating them :D
awwwww!! ok i understand....but i really love your writing 😊 i wish you wouldnt be so discouraged but i understand, hope everything is good with you πŸ˜€
awww it's sad to read this but I understand... the yoonmin story I really like but hopefully you'll find away to finish them in the future πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–