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Summary: If you knew you can't be together forever what would you do?
You felt Jin tighten his grip on your hands as he talked to someone on the phone,"No yeah I found her by some houses. No Jungkook just tell Youngjae we found her." Jungkook was saying some things that were inaudible for you. Probably something about his conditions with Youngjae."Okay bye. We'll be home soon." "How was it?" You finally cut in as he ended the call. "We got worried when it was late and you weren't anywhere to be found. What do you think?" You bit your lip feeling sorry,"I was on my way to the beach when I got lost. Sorry for worrying you guys." Jin then held your hand and tucked them into his pockets keeping them warm from the cold winter night while the other held onto the bag of tangerines. "Why didn't you call?" You smiled trying to come up with a valid excuse,"I forgot." He smiled and laughed,"You're such an idiot," You smiled as he patted your head. Then you remembered the conversation with the old man. How he mentioned never regretting being with his wife even though they were together for such a short time. How you felt that what Jungkook had told you meant nothing anymore. Maybe if Jin loved you he'd stay. But you remembered how hurt your grandmother was each time your own grandfather couldn't even recognize himself when he looked in the mirror. "Hello earth to Y/N?" You snapped back into reality to find Jin staring at you. "What?" He smiled,"I was asking what those tangerines are for." You had forgotten about them,"Oh right this man's wife gave them to me as a thank you for helping them." You guys continued to walk the streets were now familiar to you. For some reason being with Jin gave you the assurance and courage you needed. You loved being with him. This whole trip was a blessing but you hated seeing Jin and Suzy together. Especially during their couple photoshoots. You were now near the house when you stopped in your tracks so suddenly that Jin was pulled back a little when you stopped. "What is it?" You looked down thinking one last time if this was the right thing to do. "I have something to tell you..." He turned  little to the right now completely facing you,"Okay..." "I like you Jin...alot...I just think you should know." Jin then pulled you in placing his warm right hand on your cold cheek,"But we still can't be together..." "Why not? If its Suzy I'll break up with her I'll..." You shook your head,"lets head back inside and I'll tell you...and Jimin, Nayeon and Suzy..." He looked at you puzzled,"No tell me right now." You choked back on the tears threatening to come out,"Jin...please this is already a hard enough decision for me just...just...follow me." He realized the sadness and seriousness to your tone so he just let it go and followed you as you entered the house letting go of his hands. To your surprise Jungkook pulled you in and hugged you and whispered in your ear,"You idiot...where were you?" You released the hug as you gave him a gentle smile. "Can you call everyone to the dining area...please." Jungkook nodded looking at you suspiciously as he called everyone into the dining area. You took a deep breath as you placed the tangerines on the table. After a couple of minutes that seemed forever your heart was beating so fast you thought it was about to burst out your chest. The anxiousness growing eating you from the inside. Every one was now infront of you. Jimin looked at you with a smile on his face as you played with your fingers. Was this the right thing to do? "Y/N are you okay? Did something happen?" You smiled at Nayeon and took a deep breath,"I'm sick." There was a silence in the room for a second. "Okay do you need medicine why do you need to tell us this?" You shook your head as the tears you've been planning to hold in made its way out,"No Chim...I'm dying. You remember Grampy right?" Jimin looked at you still trying to process what you had just said,"He had a disease. It was Hesse Syndrome. It's hereditary. I have it. Eventually I won't be able to move on my own. I'll gradually lose my memories...I won't even be able to remember my own face." You laughed a little crying harder,"But your still young!" Suzy interrupted you looked up wiping your tears,"The symptoms showed early for me. Started on my first year in high--" "And you didn't tell me?!" You looked at Jimin surprised by the sudden loudness of his voice,"I...I didn't want you to treat me differently." He scoffed," Y/N I would've done what you wanted so much for being your best friend right?" You cried harder thinking what you went through the year you found out. You remembered laying in bed thinking whether what happened was even reality. You even refused to believe it. "How do you think I felt?" Jimin looked at you with a confused look,"You think it was easy for me to even accept the fact that I was dying?" You took a deep breath lowering your voice,"You think that when the doctor told me I just oh okay?" Jimin bit his lip,"No but--" "I didn't want you to go through the same thing I did when I found out. I didn't want anyone to. I didn't want anyone thinking is it okay if I feed her this or is it okay if she doesn't get enough sleep. Is it okay if hug her? Is it okay if I upset her?" You looked at Jungkook,"When I told you...You thought like that right?" He looked up from his fingers and nodded not wanting to deny anything. "See...It was a burden for me to know, it was burden for my mom, brother and father. Heck my dad cheated on my mom because he couldn't handle the stress and lack of  attention he was getting. Why? Because all of it was on me. I felt that he hated me. I felt that he hated what was going to become of me." "But we aren't all like that...Y/N about what I said before I stand by it." You scoffed at Jin's remark,"You werent there Jin...when I had to watch my grandmother cry in secret everytime my grandfather would forget. Not even her but himself." You kept wiping the tears that were flowing out. "You can't handle what's coming...None of you can." "If we can't handle it why're you telling us?" You smiled,"Because I met someone today he said that even if his time was short with the woman he loved he enjoyed it. I want to enjoy it to Jimin. I want to enjoy being with all of you. I want to be able to spend what I have left with you guys. The ones I love." When the word love left your mouth you turned your head to Jin. You weren't sure if he noticed but he sat down next to you and hugged you. You looked up at him as he patted your head. You cried. In this moment the thing you were scared of the most was happening. The feeling you've been trying to avoid. But somehow in his arms you wanted it more than anything. You silently cried harder into his arms as the growing will to live was becoming more and more definite. 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