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If you can't be together forever what would you do?
🔞WARNING!! IMPLIED SMUT 🔞 A/N:Yup you read that correctly. I can't write smut but I can imply it anyways enjoy this chapter ✌🏼 It's been three weeks since you told everyone. Jimin, Nayeon, and Jin frequently comes over to hang out with you and Jungkook. Jin and Suzy had broken up so Suzy's feelings towards you were indifferent. After knowing about my disease Jin figured there was no time to hesitate so he broke up with her in hopes of being with me. He had told her how he felt. How he has had feeligs for me since our fateful encounter at my grandmother's. She knew that Jin had been in love with someone else but she didn't think it would've been you. Suzy at first tried to play the mean part but she couldn't. She couldn't because she knew the reality of where this teagic love story will go but besides all that Jin was persistent. He continued to come over and try to get you to go on dates with him. You would say yes sometimes but you made sure to never fall too deep. But it was already too late you were already more than in love with him. So in the end you and Jin were now dating. For now you were happy and there were no signs of the disease had appeared yet. At least nothing to big like when you were in Jeju. Every now and then you would forget something like closing the lights or taking off your shoes before entering the apartment but other than that nothing major. Today Jin was coming over to watch a movie. Today it was just the two of you. Jungkook had a date with one of his fangirls. Jimin and Nayeon were spending their anniversary at an amusement park. So tonight it was just you and Seokjin. "Seriously Romeo and Juliet." You looked at Jin with a saddened expression,"I do not want to fall asleep." He shrugged,"But I love this play!" He smiled as he lightly booped your nose."If I have to sit through your talks about photography you have to sit through my boring plays." You laughed admiring his enthusiasm for anything that had any correlation with theater. The most famous scene where Juliet was outside her balcony reciting her most popular lines you felt Jin snake his hands to your waist and pull you in. You two were now cuddling on the couch. The sound of your heart made it hard to concentrate on the movie but you stayed where you were and held Jin's hands. At the end of the movie you stood up and tried to let go of his hands but he refused to let it go. "What?" He shook his head smiling,"I just didn't think this was ever going to happen...you and I." He then pulled you in. Now you sat on his lap. You two stared into one another's eyes as he placed a hand on your cheek. You closed your eyes as he leaned in and kissed you. You felt your cheeks heating up as he pulled you in closer deepening the kiss. When you released the kiss he slightly bit your lower lip. "Y/N...I love you." You gently smiled at him as you leaned in and gave his lips a peck. "I love you too..." He then placed his head on your neck and you felt his lips brush against it. You let out a moan causing a smirk to play across Jin's face. You felt a growing heat flowing through your body as Jin continued to kiss you from your lips, to your neck, and to your collarbone. He looked at you as if though asking for permission to touch you some more and you just nodded as he carried you to your room locking the door behind him. You covered your eyes blinded by the sunlight peeking through the curtains as you turned your head to see a sleeping Jin. You smiled as you placed your fingers on his nose then down to his lips. You giggled softly when he groaned,"Five more minutes." You then had gotten up from the bed and straight into the bathroom to take a shower. When you were finally dressed you went out to the kitchen to find Jin was already awake and preparing some coffee. "Morning." Jin softly said as you approached him hugging him from behind. Placing your head on his broad shoulders. You smiled as you stared at the door noticing that Jungkook's shoes were not there,"I guess Jungkook slept over too." You laughed at Jin's sly remark while grabbing the coffee from his hands,"Did you drink your medicine?" "Oh shit not yet. Let me go get it." You ran into your room and looked around. You took a white pill from the bottle and threw it in the trash. Sorry. You then headed back out with a smile on your face. "Thanks for reminding me." You said as you walked out the room. He smiled as he patted your head. "No problem baby girl." As you and Jin were eating breakfast Jungkook barged in with Nayeon and Jimin following him. They all stared at you and Jin. "Jin slept over?" You nodded stuffing some strawberries into your mouth,"It was just you two alone all night?" You nodded again as Jin put more strawberries onto your plate. "Congratulations Y/N." You choked on the strawberry you were swallowing. "On what?" Jimin then winked at you not saying a word as you rolled your eyes,"How was it yesterday?" Nayeon then held up her hand and your eyes widened when on her ring finger you saw a diamond engagement ring. You and Nayeon let out a high pitched scream as you got up from your seat and held her hands jumping up and down. You then smacked Jimin at the back of his head. "Hey! What the fuck Y/N." "I'm your best friend and I wasn't even there!" He rubbed the back of his neck,"It's fine you're still one of the first people to know. Even my parents don't know yet. Uhhh Oh god they'll kill me for making a big decision on my own." You laughed,"Chim you're old enough to make your decisions. I just can't believe that my two best friends are getting married." You smiled as tears went to down your face. Suddenly after all the happiness realization had hit you. You weren't going to be there. Jimin and Nayeon was getting married but you won't be there. "Woah...Y/N are you okay?" You nodded wiping the tears. "I'm just happy. Just tell me how you did it!!" You smiled at Jimin as he told us how he had proposed. They were in front of the famous statue of the park's mascot during the fireworks show. How nervous he was when got on one knee while Nayeon was distracted. Then when Nayeon turned around to find him on one knee she instantly started to cry and cried even harder when he pulled out the ring that was sitting in his pockets the whole day. He described how excited and happy he was. How much he wanted to jump up and down and scream when Nayeon had said yes. After everything they had gone through you figured that maybe true love does conquer all. Maybe sometimes you have to play the fool in a relationship to let good things come to you. Maybe that's why your mother chose to stay with your father. Because she knew that good things will come if she forgave him. You then got up holding your plate and Jin's plate in your hands as you made your way to the kitchen sink. You stood there for a second as you felt your muscles hardening. You couldn't move your hands. You just stood there and watched as the plates that were in your hands fell to the ground. The plates shattered causing everyone to look at you. Jin had ran up to you when you suddenly had gotten dizzy and before you even knew it everything went dark. "Ji Sung!" You rushed into the kitchen to find your grandpa on the ground,"Se Young! Call the ambulance!" Your mother rushed in from the next room and quickly phoned the ambulance not realizing you were there. Your grandmother was crying when she saw you at the corner of her eyes,"G-Grammy...is everything okay? Is Grampy--" Your grandmother ran towards you and hugged you,"Grampy is okay..." You scoffed,"Grammy I'm not a kid anymore...just tell me." You realized the changes in your grandfather lately since a year ago. He had moments where he was just sitting there looking confused. There were times where he would tell me the same thing twice without realizing. Something was going on with your grandfather and you knew it. No one wanted to tell you because you were just a high schooler. No one wanted to tell you because you were sick too. And they didn't want you thinking and wondering if that's how you'll end up. But you knew. You knew that would be you someday. "I'm sorry sweety we'll talk about this later." You nodded as the paramedics came in and took your grandfather. ⚜ House Of Disquietude Taglist ⚜ Queens/Kings; @geekywriterabby @Bangtanss @AimeeH @Lexxcisco @SkyBlast @Jaerinn @hskswife @MelissaGarza @SaraDarWish Royalty Family; @AbbyRoscoe @SugaKookieV @LemonLassie @SimplyAwkward @KenyaMendoza @SarahHibbs @EmilyCayetano @twistedPuppy @sarahdarwish If you want to be tagged/untagged please go ahead and ask in the comments below. 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