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Hey guys. So for a while now there has been talk about Highlight debuting. Most people have no idea who highlight is, how many members are in the group, their ages, what they look like etc. One things for certain............people have been passing on Legendary rookie you gotta wonder. How good is this group? What do they sound like? Do I know them?..................Well maybe.................possibly...............................ummmmmmmm YES!
Do these five guys look familiar? Do you guys remember the band formerly known as Beast/B2St???

......oh yeah but there was like another right? A sixth member..............Yes there was. Jang Hyunseung. Also apart of the duo Troublemaker.
-------------------------- QUICK RUN THROUGH Sadly that sixth member of Beast departed and the explanation we got was differences in music ideas or so. Shortly after this the contracts for all six Beast members and Cube expired. This gave way to other possibilities and the remaining members decided to leave Cube and start their own label. (Around Us) Jang Hyunseung decided to stay and do another contract with Cube. Now that the five had left there was still an issue with the Beast name. Cube had the rights to that name for more years meaning the boys could not promote under that name since they had left Cube. After intense thinking and talking back and forth with Cube the boys decided to give up on the Beast name for the moment and promote under a new name........dundundunduuuuun HIGHLIGHT was born. This name is a song title from the past album.
Alrighty now to introduce you to each member of HIGHLIGHT. DO YOU KNOW THEM? Well here are the links for the cards that lead to each member.
Yoon Dujun -LEADERProfile
Yong Junhyung- Rapper and songwriter and so much more.Profile
Lee Gikwang- Face of group and vocalProfile
Yang Yoseob- Lead vocal and fake Maknea Profile
Son Donwgoon- vocal and Maknea Profile --------- This (Legendary) rookie group has just dropped their first track and music video for their album Can You Feel it? Also the album teaser.
The title track will soon have it's music video revealed and the album release. The date is 3/20. Us B2uty hereby invite you all to share in the love and fun we have planned leading up to the debut of


Wow! You did an awesome card. I don't think I can add anymore then what you mention about Highlight
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wow great job tabby!
Thank you. I tried
It's sad that they couldn't keep their name. I was so confused at first as to why Beast became Highlight all of a sudden. Thanks for clearing that up! I really loved their name.
I know. Me too. :(