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Bts is the First Kpop I ever got into in 2015. I been a fan/army/ for a year now. I first saw them was in the run era
When I first watch the video I was really into the song. So I got interested and wanted to hear more of there song so I was meet with no more dream
For some reason I feel for them in that moment
and yes it may be wired but I did
So I had to know who they are. I just wanted to know there name...And before I know it I watch all there bomb video and other more. And all that happen in a month. I really can't believe that they got me to kpop in a short time period.
They happen to make me a Kpop fan. And the one that really make me happy to hear. When ever they do just me happy and proud to see. I fell for them all with there wired personality. And the music of them and meaning of them. I would be happy to have a album to show that I support them. And to be reminded I was with them in that era.

Thank you for entering! Good luck!😊