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Hey guys!!

Okay, so technically it's not Monday anymore, but I'm going to be a rebel and post this anyway ;)

I picked a kind of out of the box man crush this week as in he is not a typical "handsome" leading man sort of actor. Ma Dong Seok is however one of my favorite actors and is someone whose movies and dramas I will seek out because he is such a good actor and the programs he is in tend to be very good as well. I should also note now that (big surprise) he is in my favorite drama, Shut Up Flower Boy Band. That is in fact the first place I saw him and I absolutely love his character in that.

Basic Info

Name: Ma Dong-Seok
Birth Name: Lee Dong Seok
Western Name: Don Lee
Hangul: λ§ˆλ™μ„
Birthdate: March 1, 1971
Birthplace: South Korea
Height: 180cm

Where you've seen him

β€’ Derailed | Doo Namja (2016) - Hyung-Suk
β€’ Wonderful Life (2017)
β€’ With God | Singwa Hamgge (2017) - God of House
β€’ Familyhood | Gotbai Singkeul (2016) - Pyung-Goo
β€’ Train To Busan | Busanhaeng (2016) - Sang-Hwa
β€’ Deep Trap | Hamjung (2015) - Park Sung-Chul
Veteran (2015) - onlooker (cameo)
β€’ The Chronicles of Evil | Akui Yeondaegi (2015) - Detective Oh
β€’ The Royal Tailor | Sanguiwon (2014) - Pan-Soo
β€’ One on One | Ildaeil (2014)
β€’ Kundo : Age of the Rampant | Goondo (2014) - Chun-Bo
β€’ Murderer | Salinja (2014) - Joo-Hyub
β€’ The Five (2013) - Dae-Ho
β€’ Marriage Blue | Gyeolhonjeonya (2013) - Gun-Ho
β€’ Rough Play | Baewooneun Baewooda (2013) - gang boss
β€’ Fasten Your Seatbelt | Rolleo Koseuteo (2013) - airport staff (cameo)
β€’ The Flu | Gamgi (2013) - Jeon Kook-Hwan
β€’ Mr. Go | Miseuteo Ko (2013) - baseball commentator (cameo)
β€’ Rockin' on Heaven's Door | Ddeugeowoon Annyeong (2013) - Moo-Sung
β€’ Norigae (2013) - Lee Jang-Ho
β€’ New World | Sinsegye (2013) - Section Chief Jo
β€’ Azooma | Gongjungsahui (2012) - Detective Ma
β€’ The Neighbors | Yiwootsaram (2012) - Ahn Hyuk-Mo (loan shark)
β€’ Love 911 | Banchangggyo (2012) - Head of firefighter team
β€’ Doomsday Book | Inlyumyeolmangbogoseo (2012) - Disorderly student (segment "Wonderful New World")
β€’ Nameless Gangster | Bumchoiwaui Junjaeng: Nabbeunnomdeul Jeonsungshidae (2012) - Kim Sung-Bang
β€’ Dancing Queen (2012) - Gay couple (cameo)
β€’ Never Ending Story | Nebeoending seutoli (2012) - Tow car driver (cameo)
β€’ Perfect Game | Peopekteu Geim (2011) - Park Man-Soo
β€’ Pained | Tong Jeung (2011) - Bum-No
β€’ Quick | Qwik (2011) - Kim Joo-Chul
β€’ Try to Remember | Woori mannan Juk Ittnayo (2010) - Seung-Hwan
β€’ The Unjust | Budanggeorae (2010) - Ma Dae-Ho
β€’ Midnight F.M. | Shimyaui FM (2010) - Son Deok-Tae
β€’ Insadong Scandal (2009) - Sang-Baek
β€’ The Good, The Bad, The Weird | Joheunnom Nabbeunnom Isanghannom (2008) - Bear
β€’ Beastie Boys (2008) - Chang-Woo
β€’ The Worst Guy Ever | Nae Sangae Choiakeui Namja (2007) - Ho-Seop
β€’ Heaven's Soldiers (2005)

Drama Series
β€’ 38 Task Force | 38sagidongdae (OCN / 2016) - Baek Sung-Il
β€’ Bad Guys | Nappeun Nyeoseokdeul (OCN / 2014) - Park Woong-Cheol
β€’ Shut Up Flower Boy Band | Dagchigo Kkochminambaendeu (tvN / 2012) - Teacher
β€’ Me Too, Flower! | Nado Ggot (MBC / 2011) - Detective (cameo)
β€’ Dr. Champ | Dokteo Chaempeu (SBS / 2010) - Oh Jung-Dae
β€’ Swallow the Sun | Taeyangeul Samkyeora (SBS / 2009) - Lee Kang-rae
β€’ Formidable Rivals | Kangcheok deul (KBS2 / 2008) - Pyo Cheol-Ho
β€’ H.I.T (MBC / 2007) - Nam Seong-Sik

Fun Tidbit

β€’ He used to be the personal trainer of mixed martial artists Mark Coleman and Kevin Randleman
β€’ He is dating Ye Jung Hwa

He is truly an incredibly talented actor, I look forward to seeing what he will be coming out in next!!

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SAME SAME SAME I LOVE HIM SO MUCH! Omg! Flower Boy Band is my everything! And he rocked it in Train To Busan! This man is such a hottie I swear! He's an amazing actor
In some of pictures he looks like he skipped leg day πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
He's a wonderful actor!