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LINE RP Group Chat, Anyone?

Now, I honestly am just copying this from my blog on RPR (RolePlayRepublic) because I wrote out my thoughts as clearly as I could. So, yeah. ^_^

I feel like it's honestly a pretty common thing to do group chats but that's just my opinion. But, to be honest, I'm looking for/to do a more serious one. We don't necessarily have to have a plot but we can. I wonder if I can outline this to make it a bit easier? I'll try. Chat Platform: LINE Group: BTS [GOT7 or Monsta X is fine, too. A girl group would be acceptable as well but we'd have to all agree on which group regardless] Who I'm Looking To Be: Min Yoongi/Suga or Kim Taehyung/Vย [Markย or Im Jaebum/JB; Shin Hoseok/Wonho; I would have to decide on any other characters after finding out the group] Looking For: It can be semi-au, fully au, or non-au. Any is fine with me. We can have two separate chats if you want but I'm looking for something more serious. Descriptive first or third would be fine. If we all agree that we want a plot, we can work on that after we have all the members, I guess. Deciding on semi/non/full au would, of course, have to be decided first because people have preferences. orz Sidenote: I was going to say Kakao or Line but my Kakao takes up so much of my storage already and I have two [one on my tablet and one on my phone]. Kakao gives me issues on both devices in regards to my storage because of the pictures and all that get sent with a group chat. My Line can handle it better, it seems. I also have a few other chat platforms but anything else we'll all have to agree on as well. I really hope that this made sense and that I got my point across. If you already have a group chat on Line that's a more serious rp instead of mostly ooc, please, let me know. Otherwise, you can comment here or pm me or message me on Line or something I guess. Just let me know something, please? ^^;
So, yeah. Thatโ€™s all. If you'd like to join/start one with me or know of a group that I could join that fits what I'm looking for, please, let me know! Thank you! โ™ก
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