~~ dance studio ~~
I can't believe that I am walking into the room I have seen everyday! I want to squeal, but seeing the faces of BTS is keeping me quiet. What was my lesson plan? Great now I can't remember anything or say anything...
Rap Monster: Hey you must be the tutor? Nice to meet you uhh where do you want to set up? This is J-Hope, Jin, Jimin, Suga, Jungkook, and V.
You: Hello I am (Y/N), I am so excited to work with you guys umm I will just be over here in the corner okay? Just do whatever you were doing before.
The guys go to the lockers where Suga was scolding J-Hope for waking him up,Jungkook's eyes lingered on you for a moment, but went to his phone. Rap Monster was the only one that followed you.
Rap Monster: I speak English pretty well so if you need an assistant I'm here.
You: Thanks so much I think for now I am okay, but could you bring them all together here?
~~ looking over the work they did on the first day~~
You: Yoon-Hee I am so happy that the first day is done! They know less than I thought they did,but then again they have been really busy lately so that is expected.
Yoon-Hee: What are they like? Please tell me!
You: Well Jungkook doesn't focus very well maybe he needs it to be more fun? Rap Monster will definitely be an assistant although I shouldn't rely on him too much after all he has his own work to think about. J-Hope is so much more attractive in person even without all the make up, damn he looks good,I have good taste in bias'...but Suga is like the palest man I have ever seen in my life please Suga all I ask is that you stay in your lane.
Yoon-Hee: Idols don't believe in "lanes" they just swoop in and steal your heart. Why is Jungkook distracted? It doesn't seem like a trait of an idol.
~~BTS dorm~~
Jin: (Y/N) seem cool although she is younger than I thought.
Jungkook: There is nothing wrong with youth hyung!
V: Especially since you stared at her like a parrot and a cracker.
Suga: V somehow has a point. You kept staring at her.
Jungkook: NO I was just thinking about our tv appearance tomorrow.
J-Hope: ..Parrot?
Rap Monster: No one will be flirting or anything. She is our co-worker so if she has feelings let her express them not us.
Jimin*whispering*: Looks like Rap Monster has a crush.
~~ Kakao conversation ~~
You:Wait am I the parrot or the cracker?
???: I think the cracker...but doesn't matter will you still becoming to the filming tomorrow?
You: Of course! I love Running Man!
???: I didn't know they had it overseas.
You: lol haven't you heard of DramaFever? Also I am bringing muffins tomorrow for you guys is that okay?
???: Yea it's fine. I am so happy that we met...good night.
You: Night.

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