I did NOT see that coming… did you?
~~ SBS building Seoul ~~
~~your pov~~
EEP!! I can’t believe this! I am here for Running Man filming this is like a dream come true! Did I bring enough muffins? I am sure that 50 are enough for the cast and crew. This building is so huge please let me not get lost. I can’t believe how many famous people walk through these halls and doors just everyday!
~~3rd pov~~
After asking around you go into the elevators and take them up to the 15th floor you follow the Running Man logo until you see a bright camera in your face and a microphone is attached to you.
Running Man PD: Hello, are you with BTS?
You: Yes, I am why is something wrong?
Running Man PD: I am telling you this in secrecy. In today's episode of Running Man, Song Joong Ki will be returning to promote his new drama…
You: Okay and?
Running Man PD: And that means that the Running Man team will have 8 members so I am asking you to be part of the BTS team as a SPY.
You: Running Many spy! For who? Of course I would. What is my mission?
Running Man PD: Your Mission for today if you choose to accept it is to be Song Joong Ki’s spy and take out the rapper line in BTS while he takes out Yoo Jae Suk and Kim Jong Kook, this can only be done at the end of all the “team missions today”.
You: This will be incredible I can feel it! Oh and by the way would you like a muffin?
~~ ????? pov~~
Y/N is on our team?!?! I must protect her from from whatever evil will happen today. I just really hope that I can do a good job!
~~ Fast forward ~~
*heavy breathing* I can’t believe I just did that!
Announcer: Kim Jong Kook OUT!
This is the most thrilling and the most exhausting thing I have ever done! Where is my camera man? Did I lose him..ahh no he is behind me good lord does he look tired. Okay so Song Joong Ki did his part (with my help if I may say so) and Rap Monster and Suga are out so where the heck is J-Hope?
J-Hope: Y/N! Are you okay? I didn’t mean to run into you. Hurry we need to hide before we get caught! Come on Y/N! Hurry up I know you are tired, but we need a place to shield ourselves...let’s go into this store and take cover in the fitting room.
~~ Your pov ~~
He practically lifted me off the floor of the shopping mall where we and the rest of the Running Man / BTS members have been chasing each-other for the past 2 hours! If only he would stop running so I could rip off his name tag, then this would make my situation much easier. The fitting rooms? Oh this will be perfect!
You: J-Hope can we hide in the same room? I think that it will be better to defend each-other.
J-Hope: Sure thing.
~~J-Hope pov ~~
I can’t believe this is happening! Why did I think appearing on Running Man was a good idea? Why didn’t I hide first so at least I could rest?!? Oh the HUMANITY!
~~ 3rd pov ~~
The cameramen couldn’t fit in the small room you and J-Hope were sharing so they went into the ones next door leaving the two of you alone and VERY close together. His warm breath on your cheek. You look up and see him staring at you with a depth in his eyes that you haven’t seen before. The small space you both share feels like it’s shrinking around you when his arms wrap themselves around your waist.
You: J-Hope wh-what are you doing?
J-Hope: Getting comfortable.
He moves closer and your faces are so close that you could feel pure energy radiate from his smooth lips.
You: Bu-but aren’t you gay?
He pauses for a moment then chuckles.
J-Hope: If I was gay would I do this?---