** warning fight scene and profanity **
~~ intro ~~ Being neutral is exhausting. ~~ your dorm ~~ The ceiling is the most interesting thing I have ever seen right now. The pale paint with little chips and bumps are keeping my mind occupied from watching the TV that was playing you're Running Man episode. Yoon-Hee: What just happened? You and J-Hope ran into the store fitting room then it just cuts to the end...Also where is J-Hope and Jungkook? You:*sigh* I don’t wanna talk about it. Yoon-Hee: Y/N I know you’re upset about something and it’s just not healthy to bottle up your thoughts. I just think that something that took out at least 15 minutes from a TV show AND put you in a slump is something that needs to be talked about sooner rather than later. ~~ 3rd pov ~~ Not wanting to hear anymore of your roommate's requests you drag your legs out of the dorm and wander around Seoul. The warm breeze through your hair gives you a small slice of release from the stress that’s been gathering inside. Reaching the park that is near your campus you almost collapse onto a bench while tears stream down your face. “Why is this happening to me?” After about 20 minutes you somehow find the strength to return to the dorm and talk with Yoon-Hee. She just might be able to help with all this drama. Trudging into the living room you look at her and she nods in understanding. Once sitting on the couch the story begins: “ As you know I was featured in Running Man when Song Joong-Ki guest starred and my role was to be a spy. Towards the end we had gotten out Yoo Jae-Suk, Kim Jong-Kook, Rap Monster, and Suga with J-Hope as the last person to be eliminated. Just as I was going to look for him he slammed into me and my cameraman. This was the perfect opportunity for me to win the game for the “spy” team, but when we were in the fitting room of that store he put his arms around my waist and leaned into me. Apparently the signals I thought were him being gay was just his natural hyper personality, and when I questioned him he just chuckled and got closer to my face. I could feel his energy and I was hypnotized by his lips. What felt like hours was probably just moments,but when our lips did finally touch we heard a sharp gasp. Standing there with the fitting room door wide open was Jungkook and when I say that there was a fire in his eyes it is a vast understatement of the rage that had obviously taken over his mind. Never in my life had I been more afraid, and never had I wanted to be out of a situation more. When he spoke he didn’t yell, he just had and icy cold rage in his voice which made things worse. Jungkook: What are you doing hyung? J-Hope: Mind your business Kookie I-- Jungkook: Don’t call me that I’m not a boy. J-Hope: *scoffs* Whatever just leave and let me finish up in here. Without breaking eye contact with J-Hope Jungkook: Y/N I think that you should leave before you see an even uglier side of me. You: Ju--Jungkook are you alright? Jungkook: I have been following you around all day making sure nobody eliminated you. I know that you are a spy with Song Joong-Ki, now I ask that you do this for me. Leave now. Before I could say anything else he yanked J-Hope out of the room and threw him on the floor and starts kicking. I was in shock. J-Hope then dragged Jungkook's leg out from under him and started punching his face. After that everything is in a blur I just know that the camera men called security and the two guys were pulled apart, while I screamed and cried on the floor of the fitting room.” Yoon-Hee: Holy shit. No wonder you're so traumatized. I had no idea that’s what happened. You: The worst part is that I have been trying to hard to be neutral with them and not picking favorites, but I failed!*sobbing* Yoon-Hee: We need to organize a meeting with all of them here as soon as possible so this can be resolved. I know how much BTS means to you and as your best friend I will do whatever I can to help on the condition that you get me Song Joong-Ki’s autograph because we both know that you have his number. You:*chuckles* deal.