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Hello Beauty! The Highlight/Beast Community is have a Highlight Debut Event. They are debuting on March 20th. We are are celebrating with an event. The first day is Who is Highlight?
This is a Highlight, but that's not what we are talking about.
They are 5 of the members of formerly known Beast.
HIGHLIGHT will be making a comeback debuting on March 20, 2017 with their 1st mini-album titled “Can You Feel It?”. The group consists of 5 members who originally debuted back in October 2009 with their debut single, “Bad Girl”. They were known as BEAST (also stylized as B2ST) under Cube Entertainment, and had promoted as 6 members with Jang HyunSeung – until he decided to leave the group on April 19, 2016 due to musical differences. When the group’s contracts expired with their label, the 5 remaining members of BEAST decided to leave the label to create their own. After a long legal dispute with Cube Entertainment, the boys were unable to claim the group’s name – thus re-branding themselves as HIGHLIGHT (one of the tracks of the group’s last album as BEAST) under their own entertainment label called Around Us.
Credited to source: kpop
That's who is Highlight.

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