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BAP's Himchan Fractured His Rib!
It has just been reported that Himchan is suffering from a fine crack on his ribs :( He will still be promoting but will be very careful not to work too hard.

Here's the company's statement (loosely translated lol)

Hi, TS Entertainment. We would like to inform you of the health of the BAP members. On the 14th, Himchan was diagnosed with a fine rib fracture, after feeling pain in his chest after a live broadcast of MTV 'The Show'. According to the specialist's opinion, it was due to sudden weight loss and the preparation for the comeback, rather than the injury caused by the external impact. In this case it is suggested to refrain from physical activity, but Himchan expressed strongly that he wants to continue promoting this comeback and the company has agreed to let him continue on stage. TS Entertainment will continue to monitor the conditions and pay more attention. I would like to apologize to many fans and thank you for your interest in B.A.P. Thank you.

Get well soon Himchan!

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POOR HIMCHAN!! I hope he gets better soon! 😭💙
8 months ago·Reply
oh no I hope he gets well soon
8 months ago·Reply
please don't overwork yourself! it's already enough that you want to keep promoting. fighting!! ❤
8 months ago·Reply
He shouldn't be continuing. He needs rest and the remote control so he can watch the others till he is healed. My poor Himchan.
8 months ago·Reply
first YoungGuk Oppa now HimChannie Oppa. i knew something was off.. my Oppa!
8 months ago·Reply