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the package was quick first of all because right when she contacted me Thursday it arrived Sunday in a big manilla envelope and I had to open the album carefully because I didn't want to rip the stickers on the package and boy did it come with a lot of stickers, in there also was a lyric book of all the tracks in English, Mandarin and Korean
a stack of photos of each member and one all together, the CD which was really cool and two posters (one big and one foldable) and I would love to thank @amberg171997 for throwing the giveaway and I wish everyone luck with the BTS YNWA album!

*~•K-pop Family•~* (σ≧▽≦)σ

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Yayyy!!!🎉😁 I'm so glad you got it!! Enjoy the album!! And thank you for entering the giveaway!