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Who: Reader x Sun Ju Kyung
What: Angst, Smut

Mini Series

Story: You and Ju Kyung hit your biggest road block in your six year marriage. In order to save it you make a deal with Ju Kyung to bring his heart back to you. For the sake of your marriage and your twins, it needs to work...
Well we're gonna start by
drinking old cheap bottles of wine,
sit talking up all night.
Saying things we haven't for a while.

Y/n's POV

Week four had arrived and the changes you wanted to see began to sprout. Ju Kyung smiled more at you. The kiss before leaving for the office was much more routine for him now and even you. The twins would watch from the breakfast table and when he wrapped his arms around you and made the kiss deep, the kids would simultaneously go,

"Ew." and giggle.

You took him to the place he prposed to you last week. He called it torture because these memories he'd put in the back of his mind. It was like he had amnesia and was just now remembering your history together. It hurt him, it hurt to forget the significance of such important moments in your lives. Like the day you told him the docotor diagnosed you with cancer. It was something you were paying attention to since your mother had it. At first he was strong, you told him about it in the park, it was a calm place to break it to him. He said it was just a road block that you two could get past it. When things seemed to have gotten a little worse in your health, he stayed strong for you. Even when you were in the hostpital, he brought the twins to see you. He was your rock.

He didn't remember that, not the way you did. The events were there, clear as day in his head but the significance, the love... it wasn't there. You two lost each other and you were desprate to get him back. Today you led him to the play ground. You two walked down the side walk watching kids play and run and jump into their parents arms. You smiled seeing and hearing laughing children play. He held your hand of his own will which made you smile. He was coming back to you little by little.

"Do you remember when we first came here?" you asked.

He shook his head,

"I remember bringing Mina and Yeongna here all the time though. We came here and you collapsed. Your cancer had gotten worse." he said.

"This playground holds plenty of memories for us. The day I collapsed, the day Yeongna first called me mama. Mina leanred how to ride a bike here. This is even the place that I told you I was pregnant." You said.

A smile crept up on his lips and you smiled back.

"I picked you up and spun you around." he said.

"You screamed 'I'm gonna be a daddy'!" you laughed.

"Back then I knew."

"Knew what?"

"It was only you. I couldn't have anyone else but you. You just made me feel alive." he said.

You smiled at him.

Smiling but we're close to tears
even after all these years
We just now got the feeling that we're meeting
For the first time.

"Ju Kyung I have soemthing to tell you. You haven't seemed to notice just yet."


"I'll tell you tonight, after dinner. The kids will be at your mother's tonight." You said.

"You can't tell me now?" he asked.

"Nope it's a surprise, unless you can figure it out yourself."

He looked at your face trying to figure it out, you simply laughed and walked with him down the side walk until it was time to go back to work. You had planned this for a while, you'd finally tell him now that you noticed the change.

You waited all day to see him. Night had come and you were in an all black nightie with an all black matching set of underwear. He walked into the house calling your name and you called him to come up stairs. He walked in and you called from the bathroom for him to sit down and close his eyes. You crept out of the bathroom in a tip toe fashion and stood before him.

"Open your eyes." you said.

He opened them to see you standing there with wide eyes. He looked you over from head to toe and you smiled waiting to see if he liked it, or even noticed. He put his hands up to your side and pulled you close,

"It's been a while." he murmmered.

"We haven't been quite intimate lately, would you like to try again?" you asked.

He looked up at you with darkened eyes. His hands smoothed up your nightie exciting you. He drew you in even closer and lifted it above your stomach so he could kiss it. He pulled you on his lap and you placed your hands on his shoulders.

"Like the first time." you whispered.

He stared into your eyes and held you close so he could pick you up and lay you down on your back.

"Y/n something's different." he said.

"Have you finally noticed?"

"I don't know, something just feels weird." he said.

You grabbed his hands and placed them on your breast. He took in a sharp inhale. You kept your smile on for him but there was pain in his face. He wrapped his arms around you and kissed you. He peppered kisses down your neck and made you tingle all over. His nose took in your scent, inhaling a sweet yet spicy aroma you sprayed over your body.

Chest to chest
nose to nose
palm to palm
we were always just that close.

His lips came to your neck and there was a rise in your chest. Those sweet gentle lips met tender flesh. The warmth of his body over yours felt like protection. He came up to your lips again and covered them with his. You allowed the access of his tongue welcoming it in like an old friend. His fingers pressed into you soft but just hard enough to feel them dig in. They ran up slow and steady and provided a tickle to your leg making your raise it. You wrapped it around his waist.

"Like the first time?" he asked.

You nodded with shallow breaths. He sat you up and slipped off your nightie. He took off his jacket and his shirt and slithered off the bed until he was down on his knees before you. He grabbed the pillow you offered him and set it under his chest while you put the pillow under your bum to raise your hips for him. His hands slid up your inner thighs slowly. It had been so long since he touched you this way. Since he played up your sense of touch. It was like your core reactivated, heat rose at the anticiaption of is next move. His thumbs spread your folds apart some how you opening up to him like that felt odd. He licked your clit, just a quick flick and very quickly. Far too teasing now but back then he tested you. He wanted to see your reaction. You looked down just as he came closer spreading you apart more. His tongue came to your rim and moved around in a slow circle. Your stomach tightened, you came up with a moan and looked down to see his eyes closed and enjoying your taste then look up at you in deep lust. He came up over you and pulled the pillow up behind your head. He pushed a finger into your mouth and your tongue danced around it amused. The taste of him was incredible because it was familiar. It was your husband. He crashed his lips onto yours while the finger you just wet found your entrance and poked inside. He made shallow dips causing your walls to cave in and beg for more friction. You whined as you bucked your hips up to get him to go deeper, a smiliar action the night he first had you. You pulled him down closer to you and he used two fingers to torture you.

"Ju Kyung, I'm ready- I need you." you said panting after breaking the kiss.

"You can take it all now."

"I know but just go slow." you said.

Your heart was racing and he went to slip off his pants. He came back between your legs and found your hole. He moved slow so you had to take him inch by inch. Your walls greeted him in a tight hug that made him release a deep groan of pleasure from deep within his throat. You mewled and bit your lip. The scent of sex took over and the sound of wet juices came to your ears as he began to move for you. His hand came to yours and your fingers locked. He exhaled against your lips, your back arched up from the bed. He came up to your neck while riding into you a littler fast. His labored breath were in your ear heating your further, making you moan more.

"You're so wet." he whispered in a low husky voice.

"Ju Kyung." you breathed.

He raised you up higher, he came closer till no space existed for you two. He looked you dead in the eyes.

"Take me." you moaned.

"You're all mine." he said.

A rush of ecstacy came over you as his thrust got deeper. He lifted your leg onto his shoulder and your back arched off the bed. He kissed your collarbone to send a tingle through your body causing you to shudder lightly. Your hand cupped his neck to bring him down further so you could kiss him. Tears came to the brim of your eyes. Your husband... You looked at him panting above you, the sound of the bed rocking against the wall was off beat with the racing of your heart. He gently brushed hair out of your face while continuing his movement. His hand smoothed around your cheek and then his forefinger and thumb came to capture your chin. He kissed you softly slowing down his hips but yours begged for continued friction while your tongues did the tango. His shallow short breaths were sexy, his eyes moved from your lips to your eyes. He gave a single command that on your wedding night had been a question. His voice was low and in a whipser as he said,

"Ride me."

You nodded unable to stop panting to say yes. He flipped over and your were on his lap. He sat up to watch your face. His hand was on your hips and his legs came up to give you support. He reached up with one hand to play with your breath through your bra. Your hands went to his chest then snaked around his shoulder and ran down his back. He kissed the valley between your breast while his hand traveled up your back and gripped your hair. You looked down to kiss him whinning and melting in his body as you did. The head of his swollen heat felt like it was a battering ram trying to destory your walls. He hit your spot repeatedly like a button. You were going to break soon. He pulled away from your lips releasing your bottom lip from between his and he said,

"It's been too long since I made love to you."

"Ju Kyung- I love you."

"I love you too jagi."

He rolled over to his side and lifted your leg. You faced him and watched his face contort as he continued moving in you. Your fingers rolled over his nipples and pinched them lightly. You watched as his eyebrows pinched together, he bit his bottom lip.

"I'm gonna cum." you moaned.

Your eyes were rolling back in pleasure.

"Look at me." he said.

You opened your eyes to see him. He looked down for a moment to wrap your leg around his waist. You cried and your nails nipped at his chest. He placed a hand on your cheek and pressed his forehead to yours and looked into your eyes. Sweat kept your hair stuck to your face but neither of your cared. The way your breath hit against each other's was euphoric, this movement was beautiful.

Then your body reached it's peek. Your fingers tangled with his while your body shook and your walls contracted to further satisfy him. His climax chased yours seconds later, finding your face, moans and the way your tightend around him too stimulating. You came down from the high panting while he still gently allowed his heat to stroke your walls. He pulled you close to him. He was still panting, he kissed the top of your head while you buried your face into his chest. His cologne still clung to him but was light now. Your hand was on his chest and his came up to hold it, his thumb rubbed the back of you palm.

Your heart hurt.

It was aching.

You loved him so much, how long had it been since he held you like this? How long had it been since you curled up into his arms, out of breath but basking in the atmosphere of a lingering session of love making. Your heart calmed but it still hurt, being this close hurt but you missed it.

"I'm so sorry." He said bringing his hand to the back of your head.

" For what?" you asked.

"When we were dating, I promised to be good to you. To love you, to protect you, I promised to never hurt you. I've forgotten how hard I worked for you. I jumped right into the relationship I was looking to keep you because for once I was in love. Yoo Ri was a moment of weakness that grew to infidelity. How could I hurt you so much? I just feel like a shit husband and father."

"Ju Kyung don't do that to yourself."

"I've slept with so many women and you've only ever had me." he said.

You had silent tears falling and you looked up at him. He wipped your face sweetly,

"You're all I want." you cried.

"Baby, I'm sorry. I love you and it just killing me, that I did this to you and to us." he said.

You pulled his head down so his forehead touched yours,

"Ju Kyung stop, it doesn't matter anymore we're fixing it." you said.

"How can you forgive me?"

"Ju Kyung I love you. Yes, it hurt knowing what you did but if I hold onto that hurt none of this will work. It just won't that's too much anger and pain getting in the way of one true goal. I need you, the kids need you, that's worth so much more than holding onto that. I don't care anymore as long as you're looking at me, as long as you're fighting with me, as long as you're working to help me fix this I can forgive the mistake. Please stop, I love you Ju Kyung. I can hear it in your voice how much it hurts. Let it go, I'm begging you." you said.

He kissed your forehead.

"I love you." he said

"Ju Kyung I'm pregnant." you said.

He didn't even speak, he crashed his lips over yours the moment he heard the word pregnant. He ate you up like he was starving. He rolled you onto your back and kissed down your stomach. He kissed by your belly button and hovered back over you with his hands by your shoulders.

"Your breast were bigger I just thought I was over thinking it. Your tummy grew but I didn't want to point it out. You're still so small though." he said.

"He's a small baby, the doctor says he's growing slowly. She can't figure out why. I've been eating and gaining the weight and I still exercise but I don't know, he's differnet." you said.


You smiled and nodded,

"It's a boy. He's tiny right now but so were the twins remember? My stomach grew but when they were born they were very small." you said.

"They were also born a month early." he said.

"They were ready to come out," you chuckled.

"They're fine, healthy little five year olds and, with some good faith, he'll be healthy too." you smiled.

"I love you." he leaned down and kissed you.

His hand rested on your stomach, another baby and he was happy about it. The relief that washed over you relaxed you until you drifted off to sleep.

Drinking old cheap bottles of wine
Sit talking up all night,
Saying thing's we haven't for a while.
Smiling but we're close to tears
cause even after all these years
we just now got the feeling that we're meeting
For the first time.

Ju Kyung's POV

The first morning in a long time Ju Kyung woke up with his wife in his arms. He kissed the back of her neck gently so that he didn't wake her. He slipped out of the bed to get into the shower and got dressed. She was still asleep once he was out, he left her a note:

Babe I went to my mother's to pick up the kids I'll be back with food.

He headed over to his mother's and she talked to him about what was going on between them. Apparently, Y/N didn't tell her why they were having trouble but she was a smart woman, she knew something had happened. She encouraged him to fix it but he was. He was trying, the biggest problem though was with himself. She said she forgave him and that hurt. He didn't want her hurt or heartbroken but it didn't feel right to him that he should be so easily forgiven. Even with the new baby on the way, he couldn't understand why she let it go. He wanted her to yell at him and scream and call him a cheater. Every moment he spent fucking Yoo Ri he could've came home to her and made love to her. He could've held her or told her he loved her. They could've talked about the distance between them but he chose something different.


Lust was easier to fall victum too, sex with a willing paticipant, sex without having to love or commit, it was perfect. That was the way he used to be before he was with her, planting himself inside anything that had a hole. He was guilty and he was aware of that guilt; he was aware of the crime he commited against her repeatedly.

The Virgin princess.

His wife.

His heart.

She was his life line and he nearly cut her off. That last string was what she was dangling onto but there was a reason that specific string was harder to cut. Damn near impossible to break off.

The red string of fate.

That was more than a child's innocent promise; it was real love in its truest incarnation. She couldn't break free from him any more than he could break free from her. It was why he couldn't commit to leaving her, he didn't want to. It was why when he saw those divorce papers, his heart stopped for a moment. His hand wouldn't dare sign his name on that line. His heart wouldn't dare move, his feet wouldn't turn away. He loved her endlessly, his soul reached to hold onto her and never let go but his actions pulled him away. The first time Yoo Ri and him had sex it was a weak moment where he gave into temptation. He fed the beast that still lived inside him, the same beast that whispered he married too young and had not tasted the sweet nectar from other fruits.


Pure Si

He gave into it. He betrayed her, like Adam expelled from Eden, he felt the weight of the curse on him. He understood the price he paid for giving in. Ju Kyung couldn't ask to be forgiven for it, adultry, a crime against the once virgin princess was too hard to admit, too hard to forgive, too hard to stop. He racked up a debt against her again and again and again for months and so this demon of guilt, this beast grew stronger but his soul clung onto her.

And we don't know how, how we got into this mess is it God's test.
Someone help us cause we're doing our best
Tryna make it work but man these times are hard.

He knew it was easier to go against her then to admit the shame. It's easier for an addict to continue an addiction then it is to quit. So he didn't quit he let his guilt grow. The beast grew stronger and manifested into something else. His pain became a demon, the pain of hurting her. His fear became a nightmare, the fear of losing her. His guilt was the beast in charge, the guilt of knowing he had gone against everything he promised her: love, honor, respect, to never hurt her. The beast fused with the demon and the nightmare. Cerberus tried to knock down his heart. She sat in the center, the very core of his heart protected by walls that Cerberus tried to break down. When she found out about his crime, the anger and hurt sent Cerberus backing down and into the cage but he wasn't weakened so he taunted Ju Kyung from the cage.

Y/N wanted to calm it, to get rid of it and so did he but it was too hard to let go of something he'd wrestled with then let grow; it was hard to make it work.

We're gonna start by
drinking old cheap bottles of wine
sit talking up all night
saying things we haven't for awhile.

He wanted to make it work though, he loved his wife, his once virgin princess. It hurt that he was so dirty and the only man she ever let touch her was him. Sleeping with her again, touching her again, being reminded of how soft, sensual and connected they were on their wedding night was too much for him. It hurt even more. She forgave him but he didn't forgive himself.

Smiling but we're close to tears
even after all these years
we just now got the feeling that we're meeting
for the first time.

He brought the kids home and they ran into their bedroom to see Y/N. She woke up from their screams and hugged them as they climed onto the bed. Yeongna and Mina started talking about what they did over his mother's house. He slipped out for a second and called Yoo Ri.

"I need you to remove your things from the office Monday morning." He said when she answered.


"You heard me."

"Damn it Ju Kyung, I can't believe you just let her win like that." she snapped,

"She's my wife. I promised a long time ago that I'd give her all of me and nothing less. I've broken that promise more than once, every night I was with you I broke that promise. I won't continue to break it." he said.

"Ju Kyung-"

"It's over Yoo Ri. You need to move your stuff out by Monday morning." he repeated then hung up the phone.

He walked back in seeing the kids laying their hands on her belly. He came in with food in his hands and slipped into bed by her, grabbing Mina in arms,

"I love you and our kids." he said kissing her neck.

"Ew." the twins laughed.

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