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OPPA GOMAWAO 4 SINGING AND DANCING ON MY FAVORITE SONGS HOW DID U KNOW OPPA OPPA I JUST LOVE LOVE LUB UUUU <3 :-* AND OPPA JUST LOOK SOOO CUTE HERE OPPA SARAGHHAEO LOVE UUU <3 <3 :-* @hebamaher chingu thes 2 are my favorite videos and favorite performances of oppa <3 :) and notice how oppa says saraghhae in the end in the song u THE 2ND VIDEO that was my favorite part my heart just stop 4 a while haha and i am yours u know its my favorite and oppa choreo graphy was soooo cute i just love himm <3 :) i love u oppa <3 :) PLEASE BE MINE <3 OPPA U R GNNA MAKE ME CRAZZIE LOVE YAA <3 :-*
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hahahahahahahahhaha :D he is soo cute :D