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Wassup peeps!!!! Kim here wishing everyone a happy White Day!!!!! Of course I had to get one more in before the day is out. This will get a bit graphic so read at your own risk!!!!

You looked at yourself in the mirror and saw a beautiful woman standing in front of you. I am so glad I chose the dress in this color. As you were admiring yourself, your boyfriend walks in and stares at you. You smiled at him when you saw him in your mirror. "Come on, we have reservations at our favorite place", he said. You turned to him and kissed his cheek and took his hand in yours and walked out the door.

The setting was just perfect. It wasn't too hot or cold. There was a gentle breeze, but you didn't feel chilly. You and Eunhyuk were having an amazing time enjoying each others company. Towards the end of dinner, he presented you a small box. You give him a quizzical look as he told you to open it. You opened to find a beautiful silver ring inside. Eunhyuk took your hand and placed the ring on your finger. You admired it while he states that it's a promise ring. I promise to be with you for the rest of my life. This isn't an engagement ring, but me promising myself to you is just the next step for the beginning of us. You looked at him and jumped and gave him a hug.

You both were walking home from the restaurant for a nightcap when all of a sudden it started raining. Eunhyuk started to run for cover, but you stood there letting the rain fall on you. Eunhyuk looked at you crazy as you started to dance. "Dance with me," you said. Eunhyuk started laughing at you as he made your way towards you. You swayed your hips in a seductive movement and becon your finger for him to come closer. Eunhyuk licked his lips as he embraced your waist. You felt goosebumps erupt all over your body and you shivered slightly. "Are you cold," he asked. You shook your head no and pushed up on him. You smiled seductively at him and started to unbutton the top of his shirt. You felt his hands glide up your thighs as the rain continued to pour on both of you.

You both continued to dance with each other while constantly flirting with each other. You could feel the tension build up between you two, but you kept your cool. Eunhyuk on the other hand, was about to lose it. The way you were moving your hips and touching him had him wanting you right then and there and he didn't care who was watching. It also didn't help that the dress that you wore was clinging to your body and showing every curve. He had to get you home fast after the last dip you did. Eunhyuk then scooped you up and put you over his shoulder as he unlocked the door to his house. You pounded on his back to put you down, but it was no use. The look he had on his face you saw spelled trouble.

Once he closed the door, he puts you down and pushes you against the door and attacks your lips with such force you thought that your tooth broke. You ripped open his shirt to reveal his toned chest while Eunhyuk unzipped your dress. Your dress hit the floor with the quickness as he lifts you from the door and squish you against the wall. You wrapped your legs around him to pull him closer to you and you felt his erection against the opening of your core. You then felt a finger around the edge of your panties as he kept trying on pulling them to the side. Despite Eunhyuk having you pinned to the wall, you moved your hips, signaling him to keep going. Instead of taking them off, he insert two fingers inside you. You accidently bang your head against the wall as pleasure erupts through your body. "Are you ok," he asked. You rubbed your head. You'll be for sure that you'll have a small bump and a headache in the morning, but this was well worth it. Don't worry, I'm fine, as you whispers in his ear while licking it in the process. I just have one question, are you going to keep your pants on or can I finally removed them, you asked.

Eunhyuk laughed and kissed you deeply on your neck. You felt the coolness of air as he walked you both over to the couch. You both fell on it and you immediately start to unbuckle his pants. You then pulled them down along with his underwear and felt his erection hit your inner thigh. Before you had a chance to get on top of him, you felt him swiftly entering you, stretching your walls. You moaned out his name loud, not caring if his neighbors can hear the two of you. He waited a second for you to get used to him before he started moving painfully slow inside you. You didn't know how long you were gonna last at the pace he was going. With each thrust, you felt him hitting your g-spot and you can feel a tight coil in the pit of your stomach. You didn't want him to stop, but you wanted him to pick up the pace. Eunhyuk must have sensed you wanted to go faster so he flipped you so that you would ride him. You gave him an evil look as you started to ride him. You felt him grip your hips tightly as he matched your thrust. You can tell that he was nearing his release due to his strokes becoming more and more sloppy. You were also nearing yours as well as your walls were starting to clench around him. With one last thrust you came over him, and Eunhyuk followed shortly thereafter.

You collapsed on top of him and Eunhyuk kissed your forehead. "Who knew that dancing in the rain would be a huge turn on for me," he said. You chuckled and smiled. "Maybe the next time it rains, I'll have to drag you outside with me." "Just listening to the rain is enough to get me going," he says. Eunhyuk kissed you deeply and you felt him poking your inner thigh. You then realised that round two was about to start. "Happy White Day my love," you said before Eunhyuk ravished over your lips again.

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