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First of all I must say Lee Min Ho looks like a BUG in his sunglasses in that first picture(still cute tho) :D Despite telling myself I'll wait till the 20 episodes are complete and fully subbed before watching the heirs,I just couldn't stay away now I'm eagerly waiting for ep 5&6. The heirs Hwaiting!!! \(^o^)/ Lee Min Ho oppa Hwaiting!!! \(^o^)/ extremely cute Rachel(also in to the beautiful you) Hwaiting!!! \(^o^)/ and adorable chan young(is dat bona's bf's name,I'm nt so sure?!) Hwaiting!!! Chuck Bass's incarnate Choi Young Do Hwaiting!!! \(^o^)/ and I must say he's(kim woo bin) is doing a great Job,the make-up tho,Lol someone on dramabeans said he looks like an alien ^_^ LOL.I like the rapport between Choi young Do, BoNa and dat choi young do's friend(I don't know his name) and I like the Kim Tan character,he's really laidback and park shin hye isn't so bad at least I prefer her here,she irritated me all through you're beautiful anyways #the heirs Hwaiting \(^o^)/ I hope the ratings continue to go up!!!!! Picture cr. To the owners
hahah, i can't wait for new episode of Heirs too!! If you can't wait few hours for the subbed versions of the episodes, join us on to read up on live recap/subs ^^