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Lord Jesus could someone tell me how to deactivate this APP? I no longer need this and I'm getting frustrated trying to figure out how to deactivate this appπŸ˜’πŸ‘Š
you want to deactivate right? if you Uninstall or get rid of the will still have an I suggest to go to a pc go to Vingle home then settings and find deactivate account and click on it..hope this helps you.. then you can go ahead and Uninstall it..
what she said
if it's an apple press on the app until you see a small x button but if it's an Android go to the menu and find the Vingle all then press down to the home screen until you see folder or uninstall then slide it to the uninstall option
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@YGWinner there are settings where you can stop getting notifications on the app
it all depends on what phone you have first