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BTS is amazing first of all. I love them for so many reasons...music ,personalities,plus a whole lot of talent! Stan Talent , Stan BTS!!
If I could only choose one kpop group to stan the rest of my life, it'd be BTS. All of their songs touch my heart/get me pumped up/etc..
Taehyung is my Bias.. He's absolutely adorable. I love his voice and how much effort he puts into everything. For example,his first drama,Hwarang! He's so lovable!
My bias wrecker is Hoseok. He is such an amazing dancer and has such a beautiful smile! I want to protect that smile!!
All of the members, (Love them all, how could you not? ) make up BTS and make it special to me! Their so silly at times, and serious at times. They share with ARMY their love, concerns ,stuggles, happy times and sad times. I'm proud to be a part of ARMY!
I'd love to win this album, so I can have proof of my love. (I hope that makes sense) I'd have something tangible to look at and see my heart in a sense. ( Hope that doesn't sound weird /creepy) Plus it'd be my first kpop album...that'll be special for sure!

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I love BTS... ARMY LOVES YOU!!!!!
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Thank you for entering!! Good luck!!😊
thanks for the chance!