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BTS YNWA Giveaway entry!

Well even though I may not win (I never really do lol) but it'll be fun to talk and try to win a bts album. But I hope it's not to late anyways let's start. All of these edits are mine so if any of guys keep them and post them please give me the credit cause I work very hard on them lol 😂
Why I love BTS, well for starters their music is super catchy plus their dance moves. Also I love their individual quirks and what not.
Leader RapMonster is such a hard worker who puts his 💯 % in everything, but never gets any credit all he gets is hate. He's also such a dance monster because for someone who hates being called that he sure dances a lot lol.
What can be said about the "mom" of the group other than "she" looks great in pink lol. Our lovely pink princess has such a handsome face and a big appetite lol
The grandpa of BTS (and also my bffs husband lol) aka the sloth. Has so much (say it with me) SWAG!! With his three dolla chainz lol the king of sleep
Your horse,my horse, everyone's favorite horse,J-HOPE from his memorizing gummy smiles to his forever lasting energy and love, Jhope makes everyone happy. Even though some won't admit it.
My bae jimin. What can I say, to his adorable eye smile, to them thick thighs lol and great dance moves. He can surely make anyone squeal in happiness or awe when he does any thing adorable.
The 4D alien with his odd humor and out of this world quirks V is an odd character. From his really odd and not fitting deep voice (I was shocked to hear a deep voice come out of that face lol) to his amazing saxophone playing lol he's just that guy.
The Golden maknae, the I can do everything but get more that a 5 in my English exam it's!! Jungkook lol he can sing rap and dance or is act, maybe it drawing but who knows or cares when you have broad talents like does it really matter??
Reason why I want to win the YNWA album it's because so far I'm enjoy the songs and I would love to be a proud owner of the album lol Hopefully I win cause I wanna win a giveaway so badly lol
Thank you for entering!! Good luck!😊
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