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Hi hi everyone!!! Its start of a new story time, I mentioned on the last chapter of Namjoon's 'Fantasy' story that Jimin would be up next, I have it up for you! The theme for this story is 'Friends with benefits' lol. Now Warning that there is a bit of smut towards the end of the chapter, its a long first chapter, maybe a little rough sketch but hope you like it anyway.

I was getting dressed to head out for the night. I put on my red halter top dress and picked out black heels to go along with it. My hair was poofed out and completely curly. I was going out to hang out with my best guy friend.

My phone rang as I headed out of my place. I stared at the screen and laughed.
"Hi Jiminie" I answered.
"Hey Grace" I could hear the frown on his face.
"Oh no. I don't like the way you said that" I stopped mid motion on the steps down from my apartment.
"Yea, probably not going to like what I'm going to say then" he sighed.
"Are you bailing on me again?" I exclaimed.
"I'm stuck here for the next couple hours" Jimin didn't seem like he was happy about it.
"It's fine Jiminie, Your working I get it. No time for me" I fake sniffle "you have new friends you don't need me" I really just wanted to make him feel like shit.

I've known Jimin since I was 11 years old, and when he moved away he didn't keep in contact, but when my family moved to Seoul when I was 17 I bumped into him randomly. Now three years later, I still gave him crap about it. Mostly, his reactions amused me. He would either get annoyed and tell me to give up on it or he would be sympathetic. Either way the reactions were adorable.

"Grace you know that's not true! You're my best girl! No making yourself cry" Jimin exclaimed really loud, like he was shouting into the phone. I wiped my eyes of non existent tears.
"Whatever, I'm going to the bar by myself then" I said resuming my walking.
"Why?" He questioned confused. I chuckled.
"Jiminie I got all dressed up, you think I'm going to waste it on a night in. Hell no, I'm going out!" I told him smiling to myself.
"Will you at least stay safe? Don't drink a lot, you have a low tolerance" he said. I heard papers being shuffled in the background.
"What are you doing?" I asked. Jimin sighed.
"I'm going over papers and trying to get these lyrics down" he said.
"Oh, well alright then" I was actually shocked to hear he really was working, I thought he would be playing video games again with the boys. He would get wrapped up in a game and forget he was going out so would call and cover it up that he was working.
"Hmm call me when you're done" I said. He agreed and we said bye to each other.

There was no sense going back in when I geared myself up to go out. I grabbed a taxi and went to a night club. I had a thought in mind. I could still go out on my own and have fun, I liked to people watch and get a laugh out of it. You know, things to amuse myself.

I ordered my drink at the bar and sat there people watching.
There was a group of girls in one area that looked like they were gossiping over drinks, a booth close to them was a couple guys looking like they were going on a group date of some sort, there was three girls and three guys and all paired off.
"See anything entertaining?" The bartender behind me asked grabbing my attention.
"Not yet" I grinned.

It started a conversation between me and the bartender about people watching and what was going on around us. By the time we got done talking about the group date and somehow that and the several drinks in me had my big mouth blabbing that I was jealous, they were probably getting laid.
As I was talking about that several guys had come up and asked for my number, a hook up behind the building, and strangest, a guy asking if he could help me out and finger me where I sat. That one had the bartender stepping in, I was so tipsy I was actually close to saying yes.
The bartender sighed and grabbed my phone.

"Call someone to pick you up, you're drunk" he said.
"Hmm I've only had three" I said.
"You've had 6 drinks doll, you almost let that dick touch you in public. You're done for the night" he explained to me.
"Awe, your so nice to look out for me" I grinned at him which made him laugh.
"Can't let a pretty lady be subject to naughty things" he said.
"What if this pretty lady liked naughty things? " I countered.
"That's the alcohol talking" he responded taking my phone from me.
"Who's your emergency contact?" He asked
"Jiminie crickett" I smiled,again he laughed at me.
"Someone real, not non fictional" he said. It was my turn to laugh.
"He is real!" I said grabbing my phone from his hands. I scrolled through my contacts. I found it funny that in my phone I had him under that name 'Jiminie cricket' I turned the phone and showed him. It made him laugh.
"Alright alright he's real" he said taking my phone, he pressed call and rang him up. A moment later he was talking again.
"Hi, I have your friend here, she's drunk and needs a ride home " he said, waiting a moment he nodded and then asked for my name.
"Oh I'm Grace" I said like I was just introducing myself to him
"Okay, yes Grace is here-" he added the name of the bar and directions to get here before hanging up.
"Jiminie Crickett will be here shortly" the bartender said. "And while you wait" he filled up a glass of water and set it down in front of me. "Sip on this" he instructed.
I laughed as I accepted it.

About 20 minutes went by and Jimin was walking into the place. He scanned the bar and when he saw me he gave a scowl as he walked towards me. I couldn't help but admire the way he walked, like he was a predator on the hunt for his pray. He had blonde hair at the moment and was looking good, he stood out from the crowd.
He stopped in front of me. His expression changed from when he scowled at me to a nice sweet smile as he addressed the bartender.
"You called me earlier, thank you for watching out for my friend" Jimin said politely to him.
"No problem, she just needs to get sober now" the bartender said then looked at me. "He doesn't look like a cricket" he said making me giggle.
"Cricket?" Jimin questioned then laughed "Oh yea you called. Saw what she had me under" he laughed it off.
"I'm real all right" Jimin commented as he helped me out of my seat. I leaned into him, feeling horny I couldn't stop myself from brushing my hand against his chest, it was hard and muscular.
"Okay, you have had to much to drink" Jimin declared.
"Hmm, but I feel so happy" I commented as he walked me out of the place, he hailed a taxi and hot me in it.
"You could have behaved better" Jimin grunted as I leaned on him.
When we got to my apartment he ended up carrying me up the stairs, I opened my door and we walked in.
"Grace you sit there, I'll get you a glass of water. "Jimin said.
"Okay" I giggled. he came back shortly and handed me a glass as he sat next to me. After a few sips I was tipping the glass to much and all of a sudden Jimin didn't trust me with the glass cause he was taking it from me.
"You're sweet" I giggled. "I want a sweet guy" I huffed "but then again I want a bad boy" I turned to him "one that likes head I'm really good at that" I said. Jimins eyes were wide which made me giggle, "But I don't want a relationship, I'm not girlfriend material. I get distracted and bored to easily" I rambled on. "I wonder if it would be weird if I paid for sex, do girls do that? Jiminie have you ever done that before? No I can't see you doing that you're too busy to make time for it" I was rambling I knew that and Jimin knew that which was why he covered my mouth with his hand.
"Grace you need to stop talking " he said.
I mumbled against his hand. "No stop talking, you're talking nonsense. What came over you tonight? You're going off the deep end" he exclaimed. I Glared at him until he let go.
"I just miss sex okay" I stated. "Now I'm sleepy" I added. I pushed him back and laid my head on his lap.
"How long has it been?" Jimin questioned randomly as he stroked my hair.
"Maybe a year" I sighed.
"You really are just wanting sex, no relationship?" He questioned. “Why?” He seemed to be amused by this conversation.
"Relationships are too messy" I sighed.
"Maybe we could help each other out then " Jimin said, there was a grin on his face as he spoke.
"With what?" I asked.
"Getting some . . Good vibes from each other" he answered.
“You mean sex?” I was opening my eyes and looked up at him. Jimij was still stroking my hair as he grinned at me.
“Yes Grace” he said.
"Does that mean I can give you head?" I asked. He shifted under me.
My head wasn't spinning anymore.
“If you wanted to” he hedged.
"What would you say to coming to an arrangement " Jimin said.
"What kind of arrangement? " I asked intrigued as I lifted myself off him so I could look at him better
"Something just between us." he said.
"Okay" I nodded.
"Whenever either of us need a little . . . pleasure, the other takes care of it" he said.
"So, if I call you and say I want sex you'll come over? " I asked bluntly
"And if I call you then you'll come over " he added.
"Hmm I like that idea" I grinned " can I seal it with some head?" I hinted. He chuckled.
"I'm taking that as a yes." I said as I started to undo his buckle and unzipping his pants. I pulled his cock out, he was hard already and I licked my lips
"You sure you're okay with this?" Jimin asked. "Or is it the alcohol?" He asked.

He was slowly losing his mind as I wrapped my hands around his cock and slid up and down. He felt like velvet, hard and soft at the same time. My lips wrapped around the tip and my tongue swirled making his hips buck up. I repeated the gesture several times and Jimin was like a bean moving around. He came fast against my tongue and I lapped it up.
My eyes were dropping, maybe it was the alcohol because after that rush I was dying down now.
"You okay Grace?" He asked as I curled up against his side.
"Sleepy" I said. "But you taste good" I smiled sleepily.
"I think it's time to get you in bed" he said.

I woke up thinking I had a strange dream. I had been giving Jimin head after blabbing that I wanted sex. It turned to a nice dream that he offered an arrangement that let us be, well friends with benefits in short.
"You're awake" Jimin said scaring the crap out of me. He was in bed with me.
I had to ask! Just the one question, if it didn't happen it was just a dream, I'd be embarrassed to admit I had a dirty dream about him, but if not well that meant all that happened last night.
"Jimin can I ask you something? " I asked,
"What is it?" He groaned.
"Um uh did I uh give you head?" I asked.
"Hmm yea, your right you're good at it" he added.
"Omg so all that really did happen!" I covered my face in my hands.


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