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Big Bang Tutor pt. 6

*Eomma= GD’s mom I want to have a wedding. I deserve a wedding by now since it has been almost a year. Good lord it’s been a year since Ji-Yong and I got married and have not yet had a ceremony. What is taking him so long when just last week he started sharing pictures of us on Instagram so his other fans can get used to seeing him in a relationship with me and that has been going well...but it isn’t enough. I want this so bad,but I have no idea why . Get yourself together Y/N dinner won’t cook itself. “Eomma, I am starting the fish now shall I keep the head for soup?” “Yes of course we should use every part of the animal. And use the kimchi from the other night instead of the bok choy the flavors will fit better.” “Before I moved in did Ji-Yong ever mention me?” After a side glance--”At first he was withdrawn then a few days later he kept talking about a young woman who made him feel like he wasn’t “G-Dragon” he felt like a regular man. He then told us that you were moving in with us and he would hear no objections.I did worry about you being a foreigner, but you try harder than the others...especially that last one.” “The last one?” “She is a model for diesel now what’s her name ahh, Kiko--” That name ripped through me. Even before coming to Korea as a V.I.P there were rumors which I tried to not believe, until the 100 days with Ji-Yong when he decided to tell me about her. His story was more like a warning than anything since he was sure that she would turn up to try to “win him back”. This woman was and might still be a monster. “--but that’s over with now. Yahh don’t burn the rice this time.” ~~ later that night (pictures 2,3,& 4) ~~ “You shouldn’t have stayed up so late y/n.” “I wanted to wish you good night in person for once instead of calling you.” “Why don’t you stay in here? There is room for us and the cat...maybe one day a baby.” “Ji-Yong of course we can have a baby--” “Let’s get start--” “After we have a ceremony, you get rid of that weird picture, and you quit smoking then you can have as many babies as you want.” Looking up at me with his warm puppy eyes I can tell that he wants me to stay with him tonight even if we cuddle and nothing more. “Your mom would think a certain way about us since we “aren’t married”, but on the condition that you take me to France next time you go there I shall cuddle to your hearts content.” “Daebak!” Wow I love this man so much..wait what just happened?

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