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Ok before the quarter ends we wanted to do one last thing....This is a contest!

What will happen it’s like a fan fic contest but....we start the story for you. You finish it...and the Happy Virus Squad will vote on which ending they like the there will be one winner unless we have a tie....This contest will go from now until March 25th and the Winner will be announced on March 27th.

*There is a prize but the winner will get to chose from a few items.*

I want to thank @QueenPandaBunny for helping with the beginning....let's see what ideas you all come up with.

Please don't forget to tag the happy virus squad...if you can't add to the card just comment the tags in the comment section.

*Don't forget you can still participate in the create a story with us.....just click here to go to that card a join the fun*

"Chanyeol!!" I screamed trying to find him. Where did he run off too? I turned a corner.

"Raawr" i let out a scream. I smacked him.

"Dont do that!!!" i laughed

"You like it." he smiled and ran off.

"Seriously!" I yelled and ran after him. We always were like this. Even as we grew up we never really did when we were with each other. All of a sudden Chanyeol turned around. Chanyeol gives you a smirk and grabs you by the waist.

"I hope you're ready for a tickle fight!!!!" He said

"Bring it on!!!"

Alright now it's your turn to create the rest of the story.... Begin!



Overdose Mod and Mod Squad

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This is a really cool idea. I haven't participated in anything lately so I'm definitely gonna try if I can get the time. Everyone join!!!!!
Also this is a very cool idea!!
Can you add me to your Overdose squad please?
Def will