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As some of you might know, SXSW is going on in Austin, Texas right now.

It's a music, tech, and culture festival that has been going on for YEARS and has been growing and growing, even inviting people like f(x) and Epik High!

This year, however, the performing artists have had trouble even getting on American soil.

Korean rapper Don Malik is the latest to be held by American immigration, and claims he and his team were treated horribly:

This goes along with other accounts by foreign artists trying to come in for SXSW.

Artists from the UK, Italy, Russia, and even as close as Canada were turned away. (source here)

It is unclear whether or not this is SXSW's fault or US immigration's lack of clarity, but either way its a shame for both the artists and the fans. With the US' tightening immigration policies I fear that this might happen much more often. And if we become a country that not turns away not only humans needing help, but the arts, what kind of country are we?


Oh this agitates me, it seems racism in the United States is at an all-time high, this needs to stop, U.S. immigration has been absolutely full of crap lately. I'm just going to stop there because I'm going to end up ranting and getting more annoyed if I don't.
Ugh all of these new rules, I get to keep America "safe" but all trumps doing is giving people this self power and this mysterious right to do as they please belittling everything that's not Caucasian. It's my opinion don't hate and this better not later affect kcon and exos concert cause I bet Don felt some type of way like any one would bug meh what do I know.
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Exactly it's more like make America white again a when it was never white lol
I was afraid of this ugh I hate the new policies it's so stupid I want Obama back if these things keep happening let's get all the kpoppers from all over and protests against this I'm so down to change this dumb policy law or whatever it is I just hope the bigger artist that are coming like BTS Exo BAP among others don't get treated like that because I'm pretty sure it's gonna get nasty at US immigration with all the angry fans
I knew this was going to happen. I Hate talking about politics on here, but this is just ridiculous ! 😑
I'm so confused..and angry and upset and disappointed. First off, the way those people, or whatever the hell they were, treated Don is disgusting. Do they not have respect for other humans? They're just like us just a different race. I heard one of the NCT units would be attending, which makes me upset because Mark needs a break and what if they can't get in either? Second thing, what does SXSW stand for? Also I never really fully understood what a travel visa is, what is it and why is Hyuna's different from others? I hope Exo and BTS and SHINee can get in for their tours and concerts. Did B1A4 and Got7 have this problem?
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