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Hello everyone!

Continuing "Highlight's" debut event, today were are discussing our...


Quoting from what @Helixx stated in here card (which you can check out right >>HERE<<)

"Tell us the story of how you discovered and fell in love with HIGHLIGHT/BEAST. Many of you, found BEAST long before they became HIGHLIGHT, while a few of you recently fell into the wonderful rabbit hole that is HIGHLIGHT. No matter how it happened, or long long you've been a B2UTY, we want to hear all about it. "

So, let's get on with my "Highlight story" shall we? :)

Now, BEAST was actually one of my first 5 K-Pop groups I ever listened to! The main reason I actually found BEAST was from watching a drama with Gikwang in it! :)

"Beautiful Night" was my very first BEAST song!! I was immediately sucked into how catchy the song was and I immediately kept checking out their other songs. I also loved how fun and energetic the whole M/V was!!

Then I checked out "Shadow" and this was the song that really set off my love for BEAST. I just love how powerful the vocals and the dancing is in this song!! It's still to this day one of my favorite songs from BEAST. <3

I kept following BEAST through about 3-4 years an definitely saw how much they were evolving into such a great group. It was extremely heartbreaking for me when I found out that Hyunseung was leaving. Although I wasn't a hardcore B2UTY, it still was a bittersweet goodbye. </3

Now, the 5 members are back with their newly named group called "Highlight" and I'm extremely to see what they are going to do the future. I know that these boys can do anything if they stick with each other even though it may be tough at times. WE LOVE YOU HIGHLIGHT!!

So, that's my brief story of how I know of "Highlight" today! I tried to remember as much as possible, but I found BEAST so long ago, it seems like forever since I listened to my first song of theirs!

Let's all work hard to support Highlight's debut!! :)

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wow! That's how my story started too. With Kikwang in a drama 😆
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@StephanieDuong it was important minor though 😁