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안녕하세요 친구!!

Hello my lovely BTS 아미 and soon to be BTS 아미.

Soooo, I had an EXTREMELY stressful day and such and first thing that came across my mind was a smile..
weird I know but it helped to brighten the craziness earlier.

Plus, I was listening to some major oppa songs, got all in my feels and now to make this card....

One of my favourite features on a man is their smile.
A simple smile brings so much positivism, it's amazing.

Let's check out 7 more reasons to smile (especially with/about such cool oppas)

♢A smile is contagious (in a good way, right oppa)
♢Smiling lowers stress and anxiety (well we know oppa's secret now lol)
♢You'll be more attractive (ex: oppa)
♢Smiling strengthens your immune system (ask oppa)
♢You'll be more approachable (Like if this oppa wasn't already)
♢Smiling will make you more comfortable (he's totally comfortable with ARMYs)
♢You'll seem more trustworthy (operative word: seem; the maknae only seems trustworthy)
-Do you like smiles??

-Which of these smiles brighten up your day?

Like Z: all of the above did lol.

안녕 BTS 아미

•See you lovely 아미 every Friday and special occasions ...omo.

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yup all 7 Reasons is why I smile everyday.
tbh all their smiles brighten my day