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Lee Min Ho is killing me with the way he looks at Park Shin Hye. Has he ever done so much gazing for a show before? No, really. I’m asking because this is my first Lee Min Ho drama.On this week’s episode of Heirs, viewers will continue to witness Kim Tan’s growing infatuation with Cha Eun Sang, and since they live in the same house, he has plenty of opportunity to nurture his feelings for her while she’s at a disadvantage to avoid reciprocating his affection.Just taking a stab at what will take place in this scene … it looks like he’ll come upon Eun Sang who has fallen asleep after hanging up sheets on a clothesline. While she naps, he sits next to her and studies her face with obvious fondness.Will she wake up to his hot gaze? Is this when she’ll learn of their living arrangement? Will he tell her or keep up with the game for awhile? Yep. I’ll be waking up early tomorrow to find out!
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tks for sharing.. you're really good in getting all these BTS photos ;)