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On October 23, new stills of The Heirs was unveiled, showing Park Shin Hye taking a short nap as Lee Min Ho sent her loving gazes as the white sheets fluttered in the wind. The scene was filmed on October 15 in Yangpyeong, where the actors focused on letting their emotions show on the screen with no words. As soon as the camera started rolling, Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye created such a romantic atmosphere using one white sheet, even making the hearts of the staff flutter nervously. “Even before I get to the set, I believe that I’m Kim Tan and act. When I’m meeting other actors for the drama, I try to feel and act as Kim Tan,” explained Lee Min Ho. “Especially in this scene, I tried hard to express Kim Tan’s special feelings towards Eun Sang who was sleeping so soundly. Hwa and Dam Pictures stated, “With each episode, Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye are perfecting the best of the best scenes with their great harmony. Now, just watching the two makes hearts flutter. Please continue looking forward to their blossoming romance.” Meanwhile, in episode 4, Kim Tan finds out that Cha Eun Sang has been living in his house with her housekeeper mother. The next episode will air on October 23. Photo Credit: Hwa and Dam Pictures CrLink::