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He is looking delectable as always. Sis, @cheerfulcallie This one is for you Song Seung Heon posing exclusively on Esquire Vietnam in the Autumn-Winter 2013 Louis Vuitton collection. Click on picture to go to source
you always know how to turn my frown upside down, what more can i ask for then a better bestie then you, i love you sis and thank you (*_*)
umm, yeah....he looks soooo YUMMY in the black and white pic, bootylicious!! lolz!! i absolutely LOVE IT!!!!!
@cheerfulcallie Always glad when I can do that. ✌(◓ᴥ◓)✌ Yep, your hubby is smoking! Like literally smoking. You might want to check that out.
oh Lord this man , is really sexy..
@tyta468 Yes, so so true.