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Toxic. It's a hashtag for exo during some kind of awards thing, but people are making it out to belittle bts. I just don't understand the mindset you have to be in to star dumb fanwars, when it's not even about the other group! Just enjoy the music, and if you like them enough, vote for them! It's irritating to see these ridiculous posts and tweets about how bts and bighit copied exo, their style, music, and hand cream layout. I'm sorry but are you actually stupid. Have you ACTUALLY lost brain cells, because no one is copying anyone, music isn't always original. EVERYONE who has created music as taken inspiration from someone else, or as they like to call it, "stealing from their oppas group and only his group cause he made music"
I'm sorry to have ranted, this stuff just irritates me to the point of no return. If you like exo, then like exo. No one is going to blast you for it, but don't go to other groups and claim that they copied yours, it's ridiculous. And it's not only exo I've seen this happen with. And I'm sure it's not the last.
*is embarrassed because I'm in both fandoms* this needs to stop
no matter how bad some "EXO-Ls" & "A.R.M.Ys" are, I still consider myself to be in those fandoms..... but this is just.... *le face palms*
I feel bad for both, as the boys are all friends....
Yes and this is ridiculous, they're friends so why go above and beyond to start wars
@SimplyAwkward @SkyBlast See I feel so bad for both fandoms, but I don't feel bad for the ones who start pointless wars
now that is true
I love both EXO and BTS?? People need to quit acting like children and grow tf up, YALL KNOW JIMIN IS A GOOD FRIEND OF A FEW EXO MEMBERS RIGHT? YALL KNOW EXO AND BTS LIKE EACHOTHER RIGHT?
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