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So I have found some of awesome Mino fan fiction, some of my personal favorites actually, that I believe you guy will adore!!!

#1. Being Married To Mino by Krissica15

Description — Dated Mino for five years, got happily married to him and been married for four years, I gave birth to our son, Minguk. We are a happy family or I thought so.....
Status — [M] Completed, Subscribers Only
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#2. Of Bows and Arrows and Song Mino by dumb2dumber
Description — Mino's job is to make people fall in love. He was wrecked, heart broken, devastated when he was forced to sign up on this job. To his dismay, it was inevitable. He despise the god of love and would curse him on the face if he encounter him. One day, the god of love gave him a present. And taehyun happened to be in the way amd the rightful target.
Status — [Pg-13] Completed
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#3. Love Is Difficult, Yo! by mooiechan
Description — Song Min Ho, a rapper from the rookie bomb artist of South Korean in 2014, WINNER. He's already join Show Me the Money 4 and became the runner up, while now preparing for their upcoming comeback. For the sake of the promotion, YG Head CEO, Yang Hyun Suk already made some preparation, includes some kind odd promotion. One of a kind promotion. What is that?
Status — [Pg] On-Going, Subscribers only
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#4. Written In The Stars by ks_178 & AsianFae
Description — When two people who are destined to be together meet, but life stands in way of them having a happily ever after... can they have a second chance at true love?
Perhaps its written in the stars...
Status — [Pg] On-Going
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#5. Body by armless-ambidextrian
Description — Why does this body crave for a body that's no longer next to me?
How this mind remembers vaguely your scent and how you look,
how crazy you've made me,
how I crave for you,
how this body longs for you.
Why does this body crave for a body that's no longer next to me?
Good God, how I loved you,
how is it that I still do
Status — [Pg13/M] On-Going
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