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Que tal mis Shikon Jewels!

You all may remember Koga, leader of the wolf pack. For a long time Kagome was the apple of his eye until Ayame came into the scene. This episode was definitely a slap in the face for me. I thought maybe one day Kagome and Koga would have their day. Bit Ayame was not playing! She came to get her boo!

Meet Ayame
As a little girl, Ayame was once saved by Kōga from the Birds of Paradise and was promised marriage when she got older.


Cutting Leaves: Ayame carries with her an unlimited supply of sharp green leaves. She uses them as shuriken, and are able to slice through demons.

Iris: Ayame possesses a mystical iris, a plant believed to have the power of purification and only used it to stab a discarded hair demon. She often wore it in her left pigtail.
Whirlwind: Like Kōga's, Ayame can generate whirlwinds of air and green leaves and build it up until her whole body is engulfed in a cyclone.

Speed: Ayame had the ability to run at high speeds, but not as fast as Kōga

Agility: Ayame is very light on her feet and can leap incredibly large distances

Senses: Ayame can sense like other demons
Whirlwind of leaves: Ayame pounds the ground with her fist, summoning a multitude of green leaves that swirl around her and can knockback or kill demons.