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So I'm new to anime
I'm new to anime and was wondering what to watch, any suggestions
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being new to anime there will always be veteran anime lovers who r willing to help and when u find out someone else is into anime its like instant friend lol and i say kuroko no basket its about basketball. i dont even really like basketball like that but this anime keep me wanting to watch and helped me understand the game better and i absolutely love this anime
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Some worth checking out: 1. Angel beats (if u want something emotional.) 2. 7 deadly sins (action comedy) 3. toradora (romantic comedy) 4. Tokyo ghoul (serious and dark) 5. A certain magical index and a certain scientific railgun (for these I recommend watching index season 1 then railgun season 1 then index season 2 then railgun season 2 then the index movie)
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Thank you all
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Not a problem. always willing to help.
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Re:Zero starting life in another world....trust me you will be traumatized but intrigged at the same time
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