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I'm so sorry I haven't been posting as much as I was. I have been really busy with business, and needed a hiatus on a lot of things; however, I have some wonderful news!
Since April is a special month for me, I want to announce I will be doing a special giveaway for the first week of April starting Sunday on the 2nd, and finishing the 8th on Saturday. One winner will be selected for each day meaning there are a total of seven winners.
The first category will be slothful Sunday: who is your favorite lazy character!?
Of course: Man Crush Monday (any kind of hunk, no specific category)
True Love Tuesday (we all know we have to have some kind of lovin)
Waifu Wednesday (same as mcm, any vixen is allowed)
Thankful Thursday: this is more of a gratitude towards a character you really enjoy, and make a brief summary why and how they impact you.
Final Fantasy Friday: your favorite final fantasy game and/or character
Lastly, Super Saturday! Meaning this category is based on your favorite human characters born or given special powers such as Naruto with kurama, Deku with all for one, etc.
All winners will be selected a week after the day, so if you win Sunday 2nd, you'll be announced Sunday the 9th and so on. Prizes will be announced this upcoming Monday, so be on the lookout! If you have any questions about this upcoming challenge feel free to comment, or DM. Remember, have fun, be unique, creative, and most of all... gambatte!