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Spring has finally reach Seoul!

To celebrate I visited the first apricot blossoms to bloom and then grabbed a giant, BEAUTIFUL cherry blossom latte from my favorite cafe.

The footage of the blossoms is super calming so I suggest at least watching the last half of this video if you're having a stressful day :)

PS thank you to everyone who helped me out on the last video, its never nice to see so much hate on the internet but you guys always remind me there's a lot more good in the world^^

Is it feeling like spring wherever you are in the world!?

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I wonder where my spring is at 😑😑😑
it looks good
Nope, it's over 90°F by midday already! ^.^ where I live, we only have "Summer" and "It's Almost Summer Again" lol
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It actually hurts lol :( But it makes dropping weight so easy!
damb looks good
So sweeeeet!!