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due to language, and sensual* content
Lead: Simon

What to do when you fall for someone that is already with another. They're even planning to marry their partner. Yet the moment you two meet its like fate screaming, but none of you listen to it until D - Day forces you both to play your hands.
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* - Smut Alert: PROCEED WITH CAUTION ^-~

~(Dava POV)~


Simon and I sat up to see how much damage was done. "Ouch!" Simon had voiced his pain, grabbing my full attention. We both took at his side to see a piece of glass had cut him. He was bless though, because there was no glass inside of him. "Um, lets get you to the couch."

I help him get up, as he held his hand against he wound, to control the bleeding. He winced as he sat down, while I looked around. There was a fire place so I went to check snow block. When I looked inside, I was happy to see the sky and no snow. When I came out of the fireplace to start a fire, Simon had started laughing.

I just blinked at him, as he signal me to cover back over to him. I did as requested, to see him rubbed my cheek with his sleeve. It had turn back, while he smiled warmly. "You're covered in soot, Dava."I smiled warmly at him, before going back to starting a fire.

"I'll clean up after I get this started, We'll need the warmth before I can start tending to that wound of yours."

Simon only hum as I got at the very least a small fire started. I then ran to the bathroom to get the first aid-kit. I came out to join him on the couch, after making sure my hands where clean, and most of my face. Simon just smiled warmly as he lightly touched my forehead. "Yah! let me treat your wound, after all you did get it from protecting me."

He nodded his head, while stripping down, at his own pace. I pursed my lips together, as I looked over his half naked body. I got an idea, and ran to the bedroom. When I came back, with the blanket, Simon was standing up, shirtless, and examining himself. His fingers were gliding over his side, as if checking for glass.

I went over to him, and wrap the blanket over his shoulders. He blinked, and looked at me a bit startled. "So you can stay warm, while I tend to this wound. Did you find any glass I miss?" He just shook his head, as I he held onto the blanket.

"You know, not many woman that aren't family or lovers have seen me shirtless." I glared up at him, whilst catching him smirking. I waved the bottle of peroxide at him, making him cringe. "Yeah, don't get full of yourself mister, or I'll skip being gentle and pour it all at once." I said with a big grin, resulting with Simon sitting back down, and pouting.

I couldn't help but giggle, because Simon pouting was so fucking adorable. I kneel down in front of Simon, so i could clean up the wound. After doing so, I was relieved to see that it wasn't as bad as it seem. So I put butterfly-stitches, gauze, and then used bandage to wrap around his waist. When I looked up at him, our eyes had locked.

He had been watching me this whole time. I felt my heart starting to race, while my hands lightly rested on his waist and leg. "You must be freezing too." Simon said, as he took my hands into his own. I felt like my heart was going to win the war it had with my mind.

Yet, my mind play its ace, as I remembered he was engaged to be married. I instantly pulled away from him and sat in the small seat beside the couch. "Yah, get over here." I looked over at him, whilst he waved his hand for me to come back. I sighed heavily and hung my head.

"Simon I quit... I'm sorry but I can't be you're personal planner. I'll assign someone else to your wedding. My heart can't take the pain anymore." I looked up at him, and noticed Simon went stiff. He looked heart broken but confused at the same time.

"Jung Kiseok, I can not bring myself to plan you're wedding anymore because I'm in love with you."

He just took a deep breath, before getting up and walking over towards me. He then grabbed my hand, and pulled me to sit on the floor with him, by the fire. "Say that last part again. I think I missed it." I blinked as he wrap the blanket around my as well. "I said I love you."

With in seconds, taking away any chance to think. Simon had pinned my arms down to the ground, and crushed his lips against my own. I gasped slightly from the sudden movement, allowing his tongue to go to war with mine. My mind lost this battle as my heart took over. He just tasted so amazingly sweet and delicious.

He lace his fingers with mine, once he noticed I had cave in to him. He moved his body perfect, so he was between my legs. Simon pulled away to leave a travel of kisses from my jawline, down my neck. He pulled one of his hands free, open my jacket. I used my free hand to make him sit back.

I was impatient, when it came to acts of passion. Rough, fast, hot and heavy, was more my style. I sat up, pulled off my jacket, then lay it out behind me, before pulling my shirt off. I felt a hand slide up my back, and release my breast from my bra. His lips and touch attacked the both of them, while he lay me back down.

Oh he knew how to make a woman's body feel loved and set them on fire. I was panting, whilst running my fingers threw his hair. His pulls gripped onto my thighs, as he pulled me back down. Simon was towering over me, and having a feeding frenzy on my nipples. I felt his fingers gliding along the hem of my pants, before slipping underneath to toy with me.

I moan and gasped from the surprisingly cold touch on my clit. I arched my head back, before closed my eyes for a moment. I felt my puppy being freed from his lips, as he looked over me. Simon was biting his lip, while his other hand unfasten my pants.

"You have no idea how long I've been dying to do this to you. You're just as beautiful as I imaged."

Damn those words were going to haunt me afterwards. He stop toying with me, to yank my pants and panties off of me, after I had kicked off my shoes. "Try to remember though, I might not be able to give you my best, due to injury." He reminded me of the wound I had treated, and I just simply nodded my head. His lips came back down towards mine, whilst I unfasten his pants for him.

I felt his lips curl up into a smirk, while I slowly pulled his pants and boxers down. He broke the kiss to rest his forehead on mine. I could feel his warm breath on my face as I noticed he was panting too. "Dava, I love you too, and I don't regret anything that about to happen. Mainly because this feels right."

I couldn't help but smiled at his words, as I felt my entire body relaxing. He had a point, It did feel right, and I wasn't regretting it either. His hand glided along my thighs, as I watched his tongue glide along his lips. "Don't hold back." We made eye contact after I spoke.

"I like rough, but I understand you're injured. But please don't hold back."

My hand brush along his cheek, while my thumb rubbed along his lower lip. That bad boy smirk appear along his lips. He kissed me to distract me, before he slam himself inside of me. My hands gripped onto his shoulder, his tongue glided long my lips, and I allow it inside of my mouth. Simon gripped onto my caff, while making my leg move up to towards my elbow.

He thrust so hard, I felt he was going to break me. I actually could sense that he roughness was being fulled from the pain that he was suffering from. As if he was trying to turn the pain to pleasure for him. I wrapped my leg around him lightly getting his attention. Simon glance down, while smiling, but stop moving his hips, since my leg was stopping him.

"Let me ride you."

Simon's eyes widen, while I him over towards the side that wasn't injured. So when he lay down on his back, that he wouldn't put pressure on his bad side. I straddle his lap, before sitting on his pulsing shaft. Simon pressed his lips and closed his eyes, as we both felt the pleasure coring through our bodies. I took his hands, and had them rest on my ass.

He looked up at me, and smirked, before giving me a rough slap on the ass. "Show me how you like it." I smirked, and moved my hips fast, but made sure to ride his rock hard member with all my passion. I lightly held his arms, as I felt a rush of pleasure starting to rush through my veins. Simon sat up, as he used his grip on my behind, to pull me down more.

His lips latched onto my neck, as I moan softly into his ear. He thrust into me deeper, making my entire body start to shake. "Fuck." I heard Simon curse while his head rested on my shoulder. "Dava, I'm sorry but looks like we're going to make a mess. I'm not wearing a condom."

And as I remembered that I wasn't on birth control either. Yet to be honest I didn't care at all. It felt all to right and perfect, that the idea of possibly becoming pregnant didn't bother me at all. I pushed Simon back to lay down again, and tower over him. We made eye contact and I felt my heart skipping a beat again.

It was as if my soul was screaming in my ear, 'He's suppose to be with you!' and that he really was only going to ever look at me. "I don't care... I want you... all of you." Simon touched my cheek, as his other hand rested on my waist. "Seriously, how are you not the one I'm marrying."

He crush his lips on mine, before holding me closely towards him. I pulled away to catch my breathe to only turn into a mulling mess. He his hands had moved to my hips, and he started thrusting fast in and out. "Ah~ Ki~ Seok~" I sat up, making him go inside harder as well. I moved my hips in sync, as I play with my breast. Simon had his hands join my before he found a way to get me on my back.

It didn't take long, as I felt something warm coming between Simon and me. The rush of pleasure taking over along with a sweet warmth from side and out. I looked up at Simon, and lightly touched his face. "I really don't want to come between you and Kami. But if you want me, you have to leave her."

Simon kissed my forehead, while making sure the blanket covered the both of us. "I was already planning to call off the wedding before the boys show me their recordings. I realized after meeting you, she wasn't the one for me. She doesn't even seem to love me, just my money."

I lightly pulled Simon down, to rest beside me. "Is it bad, I'm hoping you get pregnant?" He confessed his thoughts to me, as I looked over at him. "I'm hoping for it too, so no its not wrong." I turn around and went to get my phone out my pants.

I texted the crew that we were safe, but trapped inside a cabin. That Simon was injured, and we were going to wait to daylight to try to get free. "Rest up, I need you at full strength, so we can try to dig our way out." I set an alarm clock on my phone, before snuggling up to Simon. He kissed my head, and play with my hair.

"Think this might be the first time I actually feel sleepy, in a long time."

I smiled warmly as he rested his head on top of mine, while I did my best to keep him warm. Soon enough we both ended up falling asleep.

~(Simon POV)~


I woke up from being cold, and looked over Dava to see the fire had gone out. I looked down at the naked beauty before me, and noticed she was starting to shiver as well. I slowly got up and held my side, as I felt the pain corsing through my body from the wound. I noticed my bandage was starting to show red. I sighed heavily, before getting to work on making another fire.

Once I got it started, I started feeling sleepy again. I put my pants back on and shirt before clawing back under the blanket with Dava. She snuggled up to me again, being adorable as hell. I couldn't help but smile at how cute she was being, before throwing my jacket over us for a second layer. I remembered the last time Kami was like this with me.

It broke my heart to realize how much Kami had changed. Dava had the same amount of money as me, built on success just like me. Yet she was so down to earth, and I was loving it. Dava was the woman I wanted to marry, especially since she wasn't going to change due to money. I remembered that she was at risk of being pregnant at the moment.

The idea of having a child with Dava led to sweet dreams.

Us having a boy and a girl

a beautiful family....

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