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Who: Jung Kiseok x Reader x Park Jaebeom x Oh Mintaek

What: Smut clef: a new musical scale between Alto and Treble. When you hit the right note, oh boy the sounds you will hear if you catch my drift.

Story: Your main boyfriend is a dominant by every sense of the word. You quite like it, the roughness, the demands but also the way he treats you like his most precious possession. One thing about your boyfriend though is he really likes to share and soon you find yourself submissive to not one, not two but three men. Three Masters with different personalities but somehow the same. What the hell are you about to get into....

Y/n's POV

Jay pushed into your core after removing his pants and you screamed. You couldn't see him but that added to the exciting pleasure. He was long and big, not bigger than Kiseok but he felt fucking fantastic. You held onto him tight, moaning loud, feeling his rock hard body slam into your warm caverns. He explored you deep and tortured you by slamming into your g-spot but denying you an orgasm. He suddenly pulled out from you and pushed you up against a wall. He pushed you against it with one hand while pulling your ass out.

"You have a great ass Y/n." He said.

"Thank you Master." You mewled.

"Fuck you sound so cute."

He pushed into your heat again and pulled your hands up above you. There was a hook, you guessed, that he sat your cuffs on so your hands stayed up in the air. His fingers wrapped around your waist and teased your clit while he moved slow but thrusted into you unbelievably rough. It felt like he was trying to take what wasn't his.

"Master let me cum." You asked physically exhausted.

"Does he do this to you Y/n? Does he Fuck you so hard that you get weak?" He said in your ear.

His lips touched the back of your ear for a gentle kiss but it provided a pleasure only aroused by your now overly sensitive body begging for a release. He kissed your shoulder forever making you shiver and he turned your head so you'd face him. He kissed you and moved a little faster in you, his heavy breaths were beautiful. You knew how turned on he was by all of this. He gripped your hair and pulled your head back.

"Master." You moaned.

His lips returned to your ear, his hard fucking didn't cease. The husky tone he had spurred you further,

"Fucking cum babydoll." He practically growled.

Your muscles relaxed a little from trying to keep your release from coming. You pushed back into him, your ass out and your forearms pressed against the walls, your palms flat against it, you let him ram into your core as hard as he could to chase your release. He held your head back pulling on your hair while he abused your body. Every minute of it you loved. He went deeper until you screamed,


Your body tensed up twice as much making him curse.

"Ooooh fuck baby." He said.

He wrapped his arm around you and pulled you back more. His hips moved faster and you got tighter, driving him mad. It was amazing to feel him running along your tightened walls, your warm caverns gave him everything there was to give. The sound of slapping wet skin mixed in with your moans and his groans and hisses. You exhaled in surprise once you felt his last thrust that led to his twitching heat's release. Your insides were flooded by Jay's specimen so much so that if you weren't on the pill you were sure you'd be pregnant. He pulled out of you and automatically you slumped against the wall, weak and panting. He unhooked you from the wall and let you lay down. At one point he left but you were too busy trying to catch your breath and too tired to ask where he was going. He came back in and uncuffed you. You felt his body heat next to you, you were still panting and everything was still dark. You reached up slowly to take off the tie but he grabbed your wrists. He spoke in your ear again.

"Don't take it off or I'll cuff you again." He said.

You nodded breathless but slightly turned on again. You put your hands on your stomach while you tried to slow your heart rate. Jay's fingers decided to draw a line from your neck to your belly. The slow and light touch had you between sleepy and turned on. You imagined he was staring right at you, you could almost feel his eyes on you. He placed a kiss on your cheek. You didn't move you were still sort of falling asleep. His hand was at the bottom of your belly lightly running along your hip bone. You relaxed even more, sighing into his touch. He jumped over your hands to get to your upper abdominal and traced over them lightly. He drew up to the valley between your breast and the plump flesh that you recognized as his lips came up to your shoulder. You felt him shift next to you and his lips trailed up your neck. You hummed but it sounded a little like a hum you'd make in your sleep, like you were asleep and could feel what he was doing to you.

"Are you still awake baby?" He whispered.

You responded with a little head nod and a little noise. His hand came to your waist,

"Come closer to me babydoll." He said.

He helped you roll into his body and your hands ran up his chisled abs. You wrapped your arms around his body, one under his neck one around his body. His hand combed through your hair. You snuggled closer to him breathing in his scent.

"Do you cling onto Kiseok like this?" He whispered.

"I hold onto him but not like this. I hold onto Kiseok oppa like I'll never let him go. I hold him like he's my last breath on earth and he holds me back." You said.

You were caught between awake and asleep which was a truth spell for you. You spoke out loud believing you were in a deep sleep rather than that sweet mid ground.

"He just holds you back? He doesn't hold you like you're his last?" Jay's voice teased.

"Why would he hold me like I'm his last when I know he gives me away so he can party and fuck every girl that rubs on his junk." You mumbled.

Your chest kind of hurt.

"Y/n. Are you awake?" Jay questioned.

You opened your eyes but it was dark. You gasped and pulled away from Jay,

"Whoa slow down there." He said.

You calmed yourself down but you backed up when you felt a shift in front of you.

"Stay." He said.

You stopped moving and you felt him remove the tie from your face.

"Keep your eyes closed." He said softly.

He led you out of the room and closed it from behind him,

"You can open them." He said.

Your eyes slowly peeled open to see Jay locking the door behind him. You looked at Jay and dropped to your knees. You held your head,

"This feels familiar."

"Who do you belong to Y/n?" Jay said.

You looked up at him, that answer was obvious yet somehow you didn't know how to answer. Did he want you to say him or tell the truth? He turned to you more and lifted your chin.

"Who do you belong to?" He repeated.

"Jung Kiseok." You said.

"Looks like he wasn't kidding." Jay said.

He lifted you up in his arms and carried you to, you assumed, his bedroom. The place was dark because his blinds kept out the light. His lights were off and the room held the similar aura a vampire in a coffin might give off. He laid you on the bed and rested on his side next to you. You looked up at him; he drew his hand up your side.

"You can go to sleep. Mintaek will be here later on to take you from me. I'll pick you up from the penthouse tomorrow." He said.

"What did you mean by he wasn't kidding?' You asked sleepy.

His hand came up to your chin and he shushed you.

"Right now I'm your Master. So sleep." He said.

His thumb gently rubbed your cheek until it lulled you to sleep....

You weren't entirely sure how long you slept but you woke up to the sound of Jay's voice and him shaking your arm.

"Hey time to get up babydoll." He said softly.

You groaned lightly as you sat up,

"I've never taken a nap in the middle of the day before." You said.

Jay chuckled,

"I won't tell if you won't."

You stared at him for a moment and he just laughed. He leaned forward to lay a peck on your lips. The action was too natural for him. You were used to Kiseok's lips on yours. You were used to his soft peck in the morning or when you woke up. You were used to feeling his lips on your neck, making you giggle as your eyes tried to pry themselves open.

"Hey look, I went and got you a nice dress. Mintaek has to work tonight so you'll be going with him but listen Y/n I need you to be very careful. The men Mintaek works with aren't exactly shy around girls, Mintaek may be your Master for the month but he's business first so you have to be on your best behavior and stay very close to him. It's all of our ass' if something happens to you. " he said.

You looked at the bathroom door while your hand rubbed your other eye.

"Okay." You said.


His forefinger and thumb snatched up your chin and forced you to look at him.

"Don't let anyone but Mintaek touch you do you understand?" He said.

"Yes Master." You said.

He smirked,

"God damn you're cute."

He kissed you again this time deeper. He wrapped his hand around your body and when he leaned back you thought he was looking for another round but he was trying to get a tighter hold of you. He lifted you off the bed and set your feet on the ground. He broke the kiss and said,

"Now get your sexy ass in the shower."

He slapped your naked butt to get you to move and you hurried up to take a shower. You still wondered what he meant when he said 'he wasn't kidding'. Was he referring to Kiseok and if he was, what wasn't he kidding about? Obviously, Jay wouldn't tell you but you still wanted to know. He over worked your body, the handcuffs bite had gone away now. You washed up and walked out of the bedroom. You never actually saw the room he took you into. He blind folded you and then told you to keep them closed. What was he hiding?

"Alright babydoll get dressed he'll be here soon and I have to go to work." Jay said.

"Jay, Kiseok never said that I had to stay with Mintaek all night did he?" You asked.

He thought for a moment,

"Well no he never said anything about where you'd be staying just that he wanted us to watch you. I'm sure if you just ask him, he'll take you back to the penthouse and I can pick you up tomorrow morning." He said.

"Okay." You nodded and started grabbing the panties he brought you.

He went back to the penthouse while you were asleep and got out your dress and underwear. You sighed.

"What's wrong Y/n?"

"He'll get mad if I wear this." You said.

"No he won't, he specifically asked for me to put you in this dress tonight. Mintaek is supposed to text the picture to him." Jay said.


"Beats me, I'm assuming so he'll have something to dream about." Jay winked.

You shrugged and started to get dressed. This dress Kiseok bought you sometime ago. It was tight fitted and the neckline ran low to show off your cleavage. It was an odd thing for him to talk about no one touching what was his but then he dresses you up in something that highlights every curve of your body on purpose. Did he know Mintaek was taking you to his job? What was Kiseok up to?

"Hey try to have fun, your Master isn't here." Jay said.

"But he's always watching."

You sighed and sat down once you were dressed.

"What is it?" He asked.

"I just wish he was here. I hate it when he leaves."

Jay came and squated between your legs. His hand came to your knee and he gave you a gentle smile.

"Why do you think he gave you to us Y/n? Kiseok does things that seem odd, you must know that by now but you also should know the intention behind those actions are usually pure. He knows when he leaves you you're all alone and you don't do much. That's why you have us, we can give you enough dominance without replacing Kiseok as your Master. So seriously try to enjoy yourself babydoll."

You nodded,

"Yeah okay."

The doorbell rang and he stood up and grabbed your hand. He walked you to the front door and opened it up. Mintaek stood before you two with tight black pants on and a steel gray button up shirt tucked in. He had on an expense black watch and you saw a black Lamborghini parked in front of the house. You looked at it with blank eyes and then up at him. Mintaek was staring down at you, his eyes drinking up the sight before him.

"Let's go French fry I've got work to do." Mintaek said sternly.

He turned around and walked back to the car. You looked up at Jay, Jay looked down at you with a soft smile,

"Try and behave, don't disobey him. He's a tough Master."

He kissed you again and sent you off lightly patting your butt to get you moving. You walked to the car and got in and Mintaek took off. He was silent in car for a while and you didn't mind. You didn't really want to talk to him anyway but you could feel something in you that wanted to test how bad he was. Kiseok told you not to do that but you wanted to, you didn't know why but you just had the urge to piss him off. Mintaek pulled up to a club and got out. You stared out the window, you had been in this club once before, before you met Kiseok but you couldn't remember why. All you knew was you had been here before. You ended up blacking out and when you woke back up you had marks all over you. Thinking about it now, that's probably when you started exploring more sexual acts but you weren't sure why you never could remember what happened. The things that came back were in small clips and they were so vague it was too hard to draw a connection. They didn't seem to correlate. Mintaek opened your door and held his hand out for you to get out but once he'd opened the door you had already started moving so you never grabbed it. You looked to the side observing everything around you that you could just barely remember.

"Hey. I don't offer you my hand for my health. Next time take it." He said sternly.

You looked up at him and nodded.

He slipped his hand up to your neck and pushed you lightly into the car,

"You look too innocent Y/n, like a puppy. Maybe that's what I'll call you when they're not around, my little puppy. You're going to behave for me right puppy?"

You nodded.

"Good girl because you know if you don't behave I'll punish you and I'll love every minute of it."

"Yes Master."

"Oooh that sounds so good coming off your lips. I'll have to make you say that alot tonight when I finally get to fuck you." Mintaek smiled.

"Don't you have business to take care of? What will you have me do?" You said.

He released your neck and wrapped his hand around your waist and had you walk next to him while he headed into the club. He brought you to the bar and told you to sit. He brought over his bartender,

"She can have anything she wants but only one drink, after that water,"

He looked at you,

"Or maybe milk. What do puppies like Y/n?" He said with a smile.

"You're strange." You said softly.

He came down to kiss you roughly, your hands came to his chest but he grabbed your wrists and pulled them off and just held them while he kissed you. He came off your lips with satisfaction and grinned at you.

"Kiseok shouldn't have kept you all to himself. You taste so fucking good." He laughed.

You took in a breath. He was hard to figure out. He had a poise about him that said he was in charge but he looked like one of the types that ran in a gang. He walked off warning the bartender one more time that you could have one drink and then left.

The one drink rule actually came from Kiseok you knew that. When you two went to dinner, you would purposely drink your wine slow because he only wanted you having one glass. You weren't a big drinker yourself but you knew that Kiseok liked having you aware of everything he did to you and honestly if you weren't too heavy under the influence then you were more likely to listen to him. He was right though you had become a bit defiant lately. Giving you to a disciplinary was for his benefit as well, he wanted you to become obedient again. You weren't too off from being obedient you just tested your limits a lot and he wanted you to stop. All you had at the moment was to explore your limits. It wasn't something you'd admit to Kiseok but you were bored with life. You liked being his submissive, you liked the way he treated you even if he was stern he cared for you. At this point you were just simply a pet and nothing more, left in the house without a master, wondering what he was doing all day and just laying around. You liked to think of yourself as a caged cat. You had the entire house to explore but even a house cat could get bored with seeing the same scenery day after day while knowing there was a whole new world out there to explore. Mintaek called you puppy, perhaps he was right though. Puppies live to please their masters while cats can often be independent and shove their Master away. You were a puppy, missing your Master while he was away but your soul wanted you to be a cat, for once find something for yourself.

You texted Kiseok, his plane probably hadn't landed yet it had been about fourteen hours though, you guys dropped him off at six in the morning. It was eight o clock now, perhaps he'd message you back.

You: I miss you.

He would be jet leg, you might not get a response until later on tomorrow. That's what you thought but Kiseok always came through. You smiled when you saw his name come up.

Master: I miss you too.

"Kiseok." You said softly.

Master: I'll dream of you.

You smiled.

You: I'll dream of you too.

You slipped your phone away back into your purse and asked for a shot. A man came up to you and asked if he could buy you a drink.

"No I'm sorry I'm with someone." You said.

"I've been watching you all night you've been alone all this time."

"He owns the club I think he went back to go do some work." You said.

"You're seeing the owner?" He said confused.

"Not really seeing him but I'm here with him. " you said.

His hand reached for your arm and you looked away from him. This club was familiar for a reason but the memories of that night weren't entirely clear to you. You looked around. The man's hand came up your back, you grabbed his arm to stop him.

"Please leave me alone. My boyfriend doesn't like it when men touch me." You said.

"I thought you weren't seeing Mintaek."

"He's not the one I'm talking about. Please keep your hands off of me." You said.

"Come on, what he doesn't know won't hurt him."

"She said let her go idiot, no means no didn't your mother ever teach you that?"

You looked up to see Mintaek standing behind him. You released the guys arm and turned back to the bar. You heard him curse and realize you were telling the truth about being here with him. Whether you were telling the truth or not, if you asked not to be touched he shouldn't have touched you. You could hear Kiseok's snap in your head,

No one should touch what belongs to me.

All you were was a possession to him?

No Kiseok cared about you, you shouldn't even put those thoughts in your head. Someone grabbed your arm while you lost yourself in thought and you spun around to hit him but realized it was Mintaek. He stopped your hand by grabbing your wrist.

"Did you just try to hit me?" He said curiously.

Your head came down in a bow,

"I'm sorry." You said.

"Let's go."

He pulled you up and took you to the back of the club into an empty sound proof room. The loud music that was out there was no longer audible here. He pushed you up against a wall and kissed you hard making your heart race fast. You moaned into his mouth surprised but turned on with how strong he was. Your eyes opened when he broke the kiss to see his hard face and square jawline line staring at you. He looked handsome but very dangerous. The warning came to mind,

Don't test him like you like to test me.

Oh but you were kind of wanting to test that danger. It was exciting you.

"It's doesn't take long to spur my little puppy on does it?" He said with a little chuckle.

"No Master." You said.

"Ohhh you want me to fuck you don't you?"

"Yes Master." You said.

"You tried to hit your Master though, why should I reward you?"

"I didn't mean to I thought you were the guy I wasn't paying attention."

"You should always pay attention in a bar Y/n dressed like that your honey attracting bears. Those bears will you eat alive and if I have to hear Kiseok's loud ass mouth yelling at me because his dumb little submissive got hurt I'll scream." He said.

"I can protect myself." You said.

"Like you protected yourself against that leech? Please don't touch me? Come on Y/n, be smart
if he didn't have the manners to not touch you what makes you think he'd have the manners to listen to your please?" Mintaek said annoyed with you.

"You and Kiseok insist on believing that I'm so innocent-"

"Watch your tone. I don't like being challenged Y/n you should know that about me."

"I like to challenge." You said.

He grabbed the back of your hair and pulled your head back so you had to look up at the ceiling.

"He said you were getting defiant lately. He also said you're pulling away from him, you're kind of breaking that thing he likes to call his heart."

Mintaek kissed your neck coaxing little moans from your lips. Your chest rose and fell a bit quicker while your lungs reached for breath. His hand came to the back of your dress and started to move down your zipper. You shivered at the way he allowed one finger to trail down your spine.

"Mintaek." You whispered.

"I'm your Master Y/n. Kiseok is gone that means when Jay drops you off you belong to me. Say it."

"Say what?"

"Say I'm your Master and you belong to me."

"You're my Master and I belong to you." You said.

"You've been defiant I'll have to fix that. I won't let you cum. I may torture you, or maybe I'll make you walk back out their naked, how embarrassing would that be, walking around fully nude."

"Kiseok would never-"

"Kiseok isn't here. You just said, I'm your Master. You belong to me right now. I know Kiseok's god damn rules like the back of my hand puppy just about anything goes with punishment meaning I can do whatever I want to teach you a lesson." He said almost mocking you.

You looked up at him and he knelt down to yank your dress off, your breast fell free from the lack of wearing a bra and your panties clung to your hips. He hooked his fingers into the trim and pulled them off, making you step out of them. He pulled out a chair in the middle of the room and he sat you down and cuffed your hands behind you. He blind folded you and put ear buds in your ear. The music playing was from Dean. His final command before he played the music was,

"Don't cum."

Mintaek took most of your senses, the ones that were important and he toyed with the heightened ones. He stuck a finger in your mouth and you licked it, wetting it up enough while your core got wet for him. His finger touched your clit and you let out a moan but you couldn't be too sure on how loud you really were. You felt a pinch on your clit and you took in a sharp inhale. Your body jerked forwards and your legs tried to close. The pinching didn't stop but he pushed your upper half back and his other hand was keeping your legs open.

So what was pinching you?

His hand left your leg and you felt his fingers push inside you. Your wrists pulled at the handcuffs making them bite into your skin once again. You felt his lips touch your neck, his tongue took long trails up the side. You had no idea how loud you were but Dean's voice continued to play in your ears while you let your voice free. It seemed damn near impossible to hold anything back. You tried biting your lip but the fingers inside you left to coax your lip out from between your teeth. The taste of yourself was on your lips as you licked it away. He brought a vibrator up to your clit but it felt small despite the powerful sensation. You threw your head back trying harder to catch your breath. It felt like torture but it felt so good.

"Ki-Kiseok." You moaned through pants.

You felt Mintaek grab your chin. You don't belong to Kiseok right now you belong to Mintaek. Two things pinched your nipples and you let out a long moan. Your hands balled into fists but you knew they couldn't go anywhere. He pushed the vibrator in you and set it on high. You moaned so loud you could hear yourself above the music in your ear; your legs shook violently and your body tightened. He pulled the earbuds from your ear,

"Stick out your tongue."

You opened your mouth and stuck out your tongue; the ear bud returned to your ear melting away Dean's voice and letting you hear Kiseok's. His song Simon Dominic came to your ears and your tense body relaxed. You missed him and he was barely gone for a day.

Kiseok was really the center of your world.

The taste of lemon came to your taste buds and your tongue retreated, he tapped your lips to get them to open again and he pushed the slice of lemon in. He kept his finger on the peel to keep it in your mouth. You whined and he pulled the lemon out of your mouth. Your face contorted at the sour taste. The ear bud left your ear again.

"Are you ready to behave?"

"Yes Master." You said. Your face still contorting because of the sour taste.

"Are you ready to belong to me?" He said.

"Yes Master."

"When a Master tells you to submit you do not defy you understand that don't you puppy?" He said lifting your chin.

"No Master."

"You do what you're told."

"Yes Master."

"Then why do you defy Kiseok?"

Your breath hitched. You took a second to answer. His thumb grazed your bottom lip willing you to speak.

"Because I don't want him to leave." you said.

His hand left your lips and you heard his cloths shift a bit, like he was standing up. He was behind you leaning against your back. His lips came to your ear spurring you on, you let out a little moan.

"He won't." He whispered.

He kissed right below your ear and hummed.

"Don't cum until I tell you to." He said.

Something else began to buzz, the small vibrator he'd turned off now came back on at high speed while the other one came to your clit. You jerked forward in pleasure,

"Oh! God!"

He kissed your neck. Your leg shook,

"You're gonna make me cum."

"You said you'd be a good girl. If you cum I'll punish you, how about having to eat something really spicy?" He chuckled.

Kiseok must've told him you hated spicy food. Your hips rocked against the vibrator but the small one in you was killing you and making you scream. You were gonna explode...
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