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We love love love Los Angeles, but one of the highlights of Episode 4 of The Heirs was definitely the return to Seoul. So much more good stuff this episode - so click through to see Mwave′s Top 10 Moments of The Heirs: Episode 4! 1. Cha Eun Sang: ‘Thank you.’ I said my thanks. ‘Good bye.’ I said my farewells. I did everything. So don’t leave your fiancée behind to ask petty things like that. 2. Bestest (step) brother ever? 3. Han Gi Ae:Omo, omo, omo. Am I being threatened right now? Park Hee Nam: Yes. My heart hurts too. Han Gi Ae: This ajumma…Who threatens with affection? 4. Hallelujah. He finally left LA. 5. Cho Myung Soo: I’ll be right back after I see my dad go to work. Choi Young Do: I can just wait here. Cho Myung Soo: It′s okay for you, but not for my dad. My dad really hates you. Choi Young Do: If there’s a misunderstanding, we should clear it up. Cho Myung Soo: It would be great if there was a misunderstanding. He just hates you the way you are.