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CNBLUE’s Jung Yonghwa is an idol star who has shown extensive talent in both singing and acting. JYH first debuted not by singing but acting. In 2009 SBS Drama “You’re Beautiful”, he became an issue as “Towel Guy” despite being first introduced to the public. As soon as he debuted as CNBLUE, “I’m a Loner” and “Love” became instant hits. From MBC “We Got Married”, SBS “Night after Night”, and SBS “Running Man”‘s most appeared guest, he’s already reached peak in variety. Both in singing and acting, he rose to top-class stardom without any period of being nameless. He deserves it from his talents. As the leader and the main vocal of CNBLUE, he’s very skillled in writing and composing music, filling up most of album with his own compositions. Although 2011 MBC drama “Heartstrings” was low in ratings, he showed his potential as a lead actor. Presently, JYH is working alongside YEH and LDG as Park Seju, a grandson of the TV network’s CEO who hides his identity and does all the grudge work as VJ. Because of his versatile abilities, the stars’ questions were also diverse. 1.[Jung Kyungho asks and Yonghwa answers.]~ Shortly after his debut, he Jung Yonghwa attracted attention as a look-alike of actor Jung Kyungho. Because of their similar features and same last name, there was rampant rumor that they are brothers. When he ranked top in 2007 at an ulzzang site, he had already been an issue as a JKH look-alike. JKH is busily promoting his new movie “Roller Coaster”. Q. I heard many people say that we look a like. Specifically, it’s not me who looks like JYH but JYH looks like me, because I’m the hyung! Haha. I saw him a few times in person but we aren’t very similar. Jung Yonghwa-ssi is more exceptional. (Wanna meet for some drinks later?) A. Sure thing! I’ll right there… (where should I wait~?) I also heard that I look like you many times. I want to apologize to sunbaenim. You are so handsome! 2. [Lee Jungi asks and Yonghwa answers]~ In 2006, JYH appeared in KBS2 “VJ Commando” before his debut. He appeared as an auditionee at one entertainment agency, introducing himself as someone who dreams of being “the Next LJG”. Actor LJG and JYH has another similarity: they both starred in HJE, HMR sisters’ drama. LJG in SBS “My Girl” and JYH in SBS “YAB” both rose to stardom as the male characters who unidirectionally love the female lead and stays by her side. Q. You’re so good at singing, playing the guitar, and even acting! Why are you so greedy? Please share with us how to do them all well. A. Sniff…I want to be good at both. TT_TT I want to learn from you! 3.[Jo Kwon asks and Yonghwa answers]~ 2AM’s Jo Kwon and JYH were connected by variety programs. First through MBC “WGM” and as MCs in SBS “Inkigayo” for nearly a year. Q. Jung Yonghwa, who’se talented in everything! If you had to pick between singer and actor? A. If I had to pick one, it’s singer. But if many people anticipate and want me to, I definitely want to do both and show competence in both fields. 4.[UEE asks and Yonghwa answers]~ Afterschool’s UEE and JYH also met often in variety and dramas. They both first debuted in modern drama with SBS “YAB”. Also, they were both regulars for SBS “Night after Night”. UEE is preparing for her upcoming MBC weekend drama “Golden Rainbow”. Q. I’m enjoying “MHIYD”, if you could go to the future, what year would you want to go? A. Hmm…I like the present. If I had to go…I don’t want to go! I’m really happy right now. As CNBLUE, I’m doing the music that I like and I am enjoying the filming of drama as PSJ in MHIYD. 5. [Kim Yunhye asks and Yonghwa answers]~ Actress KYH who was also known as Uri, (her previous works) has worked with JYH in MBC “Heartstrings”. Q. I’m enjoying MHIYD! It must be tiring and busy filming the drama, do you have your own strategy to manage your stamina and relieve stress? A. It’s best to sleep whenever possible. Anyhow, Yunhye-ssi, how are you? I regret that I haven’t seen you since “Heartstrings”! 6. [Yoon EunHye asks and Yonghwa answers]~ Actress YEH is the female lead for the drama KBS2 MHIYD that JYH currently stars! JYH acts as the 3rd generation chaebol PSJ who falls in love at first sight in Jejudo and gets close to her without revealing his identity. Q. In MHIYD, you’re a guy who has everything. If someone was to appear and make you choose personality, face, and body figure, what would be Seju’s choice? (Please answer specifically, for example, the face of this person. k) A. That’s a difficult question to answer… I look for personality the most…perhaps Ms. YEH’s personality, face, and body figure would be perfect…..? ^^ Q. MHIYD is your 3rd drama. In the future, what kind of role do you want to try? A. I want to try anything. Any role would be fun to play. 7. [Go Dooshim asks and Yonghwa answers]~ Actress GDS and JYH met as grandmother and grandson in MHIYD. Actually, GDS didn’t know who he was until she met JYH in MHIYD. At the press conference, she said “He was very popular according to those around me”, and that it was fun filming with him as if she’s known him for years. Q. It’s my first time playing grandmother and grandson with Yonghwa, but I like how it feels like we’ve known each other. You’re very charming as a singer too, I wonder what are differences between acting and singing. And I also heard you’re very popular in Southeast Asia. Is that true?^^ A. GDS sunsaengnim~~! It was all thanks to you who made it comfortable for me since the beginning. Thank you! When I perform in a concert as a singer, the most enjoyable for me is that for a duration of nearly 2 hours, I can get instant feedback for every action that I take and every note that I sing. As for acting, it’s most fascinating that I get to live a life of someone else. Southeast Asia…hehe, it’s not something I can say with my own words…^^ Thank you always for looking after me! 8. [Lee DongGun asks and Yonghwa answers]~ Actor LDG and JYH are the same agency family! He’s also acting in the drama MHIYD with JYH. LDG and JYH are also known for looking alike! Not your everyday connection there! Q. Yonghwa-ssi’s character Park Seju has a twist. Is there a twist to the real-life Yonghwa? A. My twist…Although I’m always laughing and talkative outside, at home, I like being quiet by myself with an aroma candle on.^^ 9.[ AOA asks and Yonghwa answers]~ Q. Sunbaenim! We’re very much enjoying MHIYD! In the drama, PSJ seems to be shaken when he falls in love with NMR. We’re curious if you’ve been “shaken” recently! (AOA’s new song title) A. Hmm…”shaken” by AOA?~~kekeke I appreciate AOA’s performance these days. The sofa for AOA’s “sofa dance” was at the agency lobby, so I took a staged photo with them. I don’t think I was particularly shaken by something recently.^^ Befitting Jung Yonghwa, who has captured both goals of singing and acting, the stars’ questions concentrated on his activities as singer and actor. Many were interested about his new drama, MHIYD. Most of the stars who asked questions said they are enjoying the show and cheered him with words. In his short answers, Jung Yonghwa still came through with his own humble, persevering story. We were able to understand his secret to success. Working hard without faltering, and more than anything else, the positive energy of enjoying what he does right now made Jung Yonghwa who he is today. As CNBLUE, and as an actor, we look forward to the future that Jung Yonghwa will choose.