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I am officially on Spring Break now! And there is something I really want to do...


Unfortunately I can't (bc weather *Kansas sucks* and bc im a turd and got myself hurt) SO.... instead why not look at old pics of Got7 swimming ;)

Perfect therapy right?

... Thought so!

Seriously tho.... thank you water for making these pictures possible... I expect more pics like this in the near future...

Now if you all excuse me... I have a fan fiction to continue writing... lol :P

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If it makes you feel better, I live in Georgia and it's too cold to swim here too.
YOU LIVE IN KANSAS?!?! Where?!?! I live in Kansas too!!!!!!
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I live in a small town north east of Wichita. But I know nobody in Wichita. There is a girl at my church who likes kpop :) otherwise everyone else I know is out of state.