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So I'm on YouTube watching some BBS summoning videos and I happen to stumble on this
APPALLED DISGUSTED DISBELIEF I couldn't properly process the emotions that surged through me in a single moment, Tonbery had been hacked? Well it's true he'd been hacked and lost thousands of dollars in hard work
I just couldn't believe someone would do this. And why? What was that end goal here? I felt like that time the PSN got hacked...like why? For bragging rights? No you can't tell the internet they'd Doss your ass in a second, to tell your friends? That person's just liable to kick your ass instead. I have no idea why someone would do this :( like if it happened to me I'd have the same reaction
Disappointment but I'd also be really really piiiiiiiiisssed Tonberry has said that he will no longer post videos about BBS which sucks because when I started playing he was the first channel I found on the subject and I loved his content and still do. It's truly a shame that someone did this but I agree with Tonberry, with no ties to the game and your hard work THROWN AWAY anybody would quit.
This is probably a major blow to his channel as he primarily does BBS content however he has started to post more content outside of BBS with that of Yakuza 0 or Love Live (occasionally). However this could very well be the nail in the coffin that puts an end to his channel not unlike that of TXB whom also quit (but that was because he was a salty potato)
I'm a huge fan of Tonberrys and I hope he continues to upload content it doesn't have to be on BBS as he just started Fire emblem heroes, and the One Piece mobile game he could very well put content out about those games. However they are like Bleach a gacha game so it's very unlikely :( however he decides to continue he has the full support of his community well I guess minus two assholes though
My bad make that three assholes

Thanks for taking the time to read my card :D