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Hey everyone and happy Saint Patrick's Day weekend. I know yesterday was Saint Patrick's Day but that doesn't mean anyone stopped celebrating out into Saturday, right?
Anyway I'd like to apologize for my tardiness in posting music this week. I was a bit busy this week but here is the end of the week and I have more time. So I bring to the music of Asia as usual. Not just Korean but also Japanese and Chinese. Please enjoy the musical selections and let me know which ones you prefered.

Haedong -I Love You (12th)

Loona 1/3 -Love&Live

MVP -Choose

So this group debuted with this song and I've been hearing that they are similar to other groups but honestly there is a limit to how orginial someone can be especailly when they want to get known and they know a certain style works..... Just saying.

GOT7 -Never Ever

Highlight -It's Still Beautiful

JiaJia -Playhouse

Hyeon -I Loved You

Dorothy Scene -We Are Just...

J Soul Brothers -J.S.B LOVE (13th)

I swear this song gave me life when I heard it. I was in between cry and don't cry when I first heard it and I'm just listening to it over and over.

NELL -Full Moon

Jung Joon Il -Wish

See Soul -I'm A Solo

Jaemyoung Doe -Under The Sign Of Saturn

Euy Sun -Shining

There are two different versions to this song so listen to them both.

Cheeky Parade -Shout Along!

flumpool -Last Call

Park Hoon -You're My Lotto (Remix) (14th)

Honestly I have a think for trot songs. It did take me a while to get into this song though.

Reader -Just Friends

Yang Hee Eun x AKMU -The Tree

Kim Woo Joo -(Love) Real Love

LIVE -Laputa

LIVE -Right Here Right Now


APL -Don't Be Mad

And another new boy group but they debuted last year I believe and completely flew under my radar. Have you heard of them?

Donguy -Sleeping Habits

Mayday -Song for you

Lamp in Terren -Night Star

Red Glitter -Dilemma of Love


The Black Underground -She's On Psychedelic

Seven O'Clock -Clock Hands Echo

Hey you guys another new boy group alert. At 0:22 My heart skipped a beat and at 0:25 my completely stopped. Am I the only one who sees this???

Yoon Won -Like Plain Love

LambC x Choi Jung Yoon -Dear Caramel

Cao Lu x Kisum x Yerin -Spring Again

Mad Clown -Love is a Dog From Hell

This is an intense mv. What do you guys think of it?

LEDO -find you

Sixbomb -Pretty After Surgery

freestyle -Destiny

Hwanhee -so it is

Entropy Blue -Flow


Fresh Boyz -Studio

Girls On Top -Come Come

O'Lee -Cherry Blossom Samba

The Night of Seokyo -The Road

Hong Ga -Perhaps Tomorrow

Cloud -Mafia


CRAZYBOY -Tropical Paradise

Tagging all the homies ( let me know if you want to be tagged or untagged)

APL video was cute MVP is definitely going to be a group I listen to 7'oclock that guy at 0:25 sounds and looks like TOP!
thank you I thought I was the only one who thought of TOP when I saw him.....I miss my bingu oppa
I hate that Six Bomb got plastic surgery just as a concept for their comeback. I find that stupid and rude that the company made that change just for a comeback, like, what's wrong with the way they were before?
I agree I didn't really see anything wrong with them before