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Hello everyone!!

I don't have time (that's why I also didn't post this yesterday....) but all I really need to say is this: Vote for Jinwoo!! He's such an adorable little peanut who has to be the most unleader like leader ever!!

If you don't believe me then watch these videos and be prepared to fall for this adorable peanut leader~!!!!

Poor Jinwoo!! He gets lost so easily! And he always looks so dazed off cX What a cutie!!!!

Oh no, Jinwoo!! Who told you that you were compatible with GD!? Is it cause you two are both leaders? But Jinwoo.... No Cx

Haha, you're more like Seungri in my opinion, but it's the thought that counts~ But to be honest, I would have been so nervous if I was him, so I can't blame him at all for that!! I probably wouldn't have even been able to speak!!

Anyway, please vote for Jinwoo!! He needs so much more love than he's getting.... And he's so precious!!! How could you not love that adorable face of his!?!?

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