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Greetings, earthlings. This is Peridot Facet-2F5L Cut-5XG, former technician of Yellow Diamond and new leader of the Crystal Gems.

*other voice*... you're not the leader...
Laaapis, let me have this!

Anyway, I know you biological lifeforms enjoy your pointless celebrations of particular points in the space-time continuum. So, I wanted to send you this!
Happy St. Peridot's Day

*Lapis' voice too low to hear*
... wait, that's not what it's called?...
*Lapis explains*
... oh...
... but mine sound's better!
St. Peridot's Day! :3 Doesn't it just roll off your vocal enhancer?
*sigh* fine... Happy St. Patrick's Day!
And now, to help your quick lives have more happiness on this day of green, I present... my JOKES!!
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