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So I found this girl, hxshidan, who writes super awesome Mystic Messenger fics, including this one, which is the Saeran/Unknown route we all need! I've only included the first part of the first chapter so this card doesn't go on for days, but here's a link to the source. I encourage you to check out some of her other stuff and drop her some kudos if you like it! ^^

Cute Assistant

Day 1:

“He said he has an assistant. I’d like one too.”

You found yourself surrounded by darkness.

Day 2:

Your head was hurting so much, your ears were ringing, and even the slightest hint of light made you want to cry. You had absolutely no idea where you were or what was happening, the last thing you could clearly remember was that single line. Not even the images in your memory felt… right.

“She is almost ready… It won’t be long until we can introduce her to your fellow disciples, Saeran.”

“Really?” You could just about hear some sort of metal be dragged across the floor (the pain it caused for your head and ears was excruciating), before there were footsteps. Once they stopped, you ended up opening your eyes, and seeing a pair of legs just in front of you. “That’s good… That way, I can finally make Luciel pay for what he did to me.”

Disciples? Saeran? Luciel? You were getting even more confused by the second.

“Give her some more… She should fully come around after that.” The initial, rather feminine voice stated sternly, getting quieter as the sound of more footsteps echoed nearby. “Bring her to me as soon as you can. We can save her.”

‘Save her’? The only thing you needed saving from was…

It clicked in your head then. You could remember what happened before everything turned hazy.

Taking a quick glance upwards, you noticed the person from those few moments… His mint coloured eyes were boring straight into your own. It was odd… They were shining with a curiosity similar to that from when he contemplated making you into his assistant.

Whilst you were distracted with staring at the man who was essentially your captor, you never felt your chin be taken hold of because of a strange, almost patchy numbness present in your body. Suddenly, you began to wretch.

The taste in your mouth was vile.

Had he fed you something?!

“Shush… Relax.” You couldn’t exactly spit out what was in your mouth, because your chin was being held up in a way which stopped you from being able to open your mouth properly. “When you wake up… The saviour will be there for you, just as you will be there for me.” The taste was that disgusting, you couldn’t even bring yourself around into choking or gagging. You could only feel whatever it was slip down your throat. “Now sleep…” Your face suddenly felt more free after that, but you could feel your body giving up beneath you.

An arm caught you as you fell to the side, with your vision turning dark as that happened.

He was smiling.

“Welcome to the everlasting party…”
Again, to continue reading, follow this link! It's a little lengthy, but totally worth it! More love for Saeran Choi! ♡

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