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Happy Friday everyone! This week sure did past by super quick, but I'm glad that it is finally the weekend! Anyway today is Jinyoung's special today and as promised I am sharing his Flight Log teasers. Enjoy!
Flight Log: Departure- Jinyoung was another member that had some amazing and majestic teaser photos, and his hair especially looks really cute.
Flight Log: Turbulence- See during this era Jinyoung that Jinyoung started to try and be a bias wrecker! I absolutely love the photo of him in the water with his hands on the glass and the way he looks. Almost like save me ..I couldn't deal. That second photo was even more deadly,look at that hair and he already knows he is killing is with that pose. You know exactly what you doing.
Flight Log: Arrival- Again with the killer teasers! What's with the pink collar!??! Who even authorized that!?! Someone come and save me. On top of that , why you gotra look at the camera like that?? I don't got time for this kind of death.
*Credit for gifs/pictures goes to owners*

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