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October 19th 2013 – A dream became reality for BOICEs in Indonesia as W Productions presents “2013 CN BLUE Blue Moon World Tour”. The boys landed in Jakarta a day prior to the concert specially planned out for their fans. Before the show started, hundreds of BOICEs had filled Lapangan Tennis Indoor Senayan that was then rocked by the four members of CN BLUE right after the cue. Comprised of members Yonghwa, Jonghyun, Minhyuk and Jungshin, they kicked start the concert with ‘Where You Are’. Dressed in casual black clothing and jeans, CN BLUE enhanced the crowds’ excitement further by also showing off their individual skills during ‘One Time’. The group had greeted Indonesian BOICEs in proper and fluent Bahasa Indonesia. Aside from saying the basic greetings such as “Apa kabar?” [How are you?] and “Kami senang bertemu kalian!” [We are glad to meet you!], CN BLUE had said that they were sorry for the cancellation of the previous concert and that tonight they would pay it off by giving the fans some gifts; one of them being the official post cards distributed before the concert. Right after the short talk, CN BLUE presented the fans with ‘A Man Like Me’ and ‘Coffee Shop’. MG_3954 The atmosphere became much more hyped up as CN BLUE performed ‘Wake Up’ as well as made interactions with the fans by talking more in Bahasa Indonesia and doing a lot of fan services. They even made a short lullaby with ‘Jakarta’ in between the lyrics. To return the gifts, BOICEs in the stadium managed to pull off the project that they had prepared. As soon as the guitar to the song ‘Love Light’ was strummed, each of the fans held up a blue banner with a printed silver star on it; swaying it left to right according to the beat without forgetting to sing along. It was definitely a touching moment as the boys felt happy for the effort from the fans. The show continued with more outstanding live performances from CN BLUE. ‘Tattoo’, ‘In My Head’, ‘Intuition’ and ‘I’m a Loner’ were performed back to back. The boys then went backstage to prepare for an encore, where they had changed their outfits into the Blue Moon 2013 World Tour official t-shirts. MG_4360 The encore stage started with the song ‘Hey, You’ which was followed right after with ‘Feel Good’. The boys had approached the fans by sitting on the edges of the stage, throwing towels and drum sticks, interacting with the fans in any way possible.The boys also performed ‘L.O.V.E’, ‘Falling for You’, as well as ‘Love’. As the concert drew closer to the end, Jungshin apologised saying that the upcoming song was going to be the last. With that said, the boys thanked Indonesian BOICEs and promised that they would come again in the near future. The concert ended with a remarkable performance of ‘Try Again, Smile Again’. Yonghwa, Minhyuk, Jonghyun and Jungshin then walked around the stage to bow and thank the fans. They did not forget to take pictures on the stage so the memories would last. The night had witnessed sweet and extraordinary gifts that CN BLUE and BOICEs had given to each other. Thank you once again W Productions for giving SOKOREAL.COM the opportunity to cover the concert and for making the night a special one for everyone. Written By. Adizsa/Sokoreal