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Boys Republic Giveaway Winner Announcement 📣
Happy St. Patrick's Day! Today is the lucky day! Today we are announcing our lucky winner to our BR Giveaway! Who is that lucky person? Who is that person who has shown us so much support this quarter? Well that person is no other...

Congratulations @sukkyongwanser on being our Giveaway winner!
Now for your prizes
Boys Republic 'Identity' album + Photo book + bias stickers
You also get Bias Journal desk set which includes journal with pens and pencils.

You also get a card dedicated to you with the choice of
- bias spam
- bias Wallpapers
- bias one shot
- Bias Slideshow video

Please pm me with your choices.
Once again Congratulations on being our winner. Also thank you for always supporting Boys Republic.

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Yeah!!! Thank you!!
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@sukkyongwanser No Thank you for supporting Boys Republic 😆
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